We would like to mark the news of the death of Bob Guerriero by acknowledging his importance to our industry at large, and the incentive world in particular; to the world of SITE and the “family” there; and to our members who both knew and worked with him so well over the years.

One of the four ‘founder members’ of SITE, Bob became their first full time President, 1974 – 75, when SITE really was establishing themselves as the incentive industry society at the same time and alongside another association dedicated to destination management companies: us, at euromic.

He was a true innovator in the incentive travel and the marketing industry. As a pioneer creating a totally new business, Bob was well respected throughout the world. By offering incentive travel programs to Fortune 500 companies, his company The Journeymasters allowed these companies to reward their exceptional performers with once in a lifetime travel experiences.

Bob was a renaissance man and true creative genius. He loved to create once in a life time experiences for his clients. From toga parties in Rome, magical dinners on the Orient Express, and the first dinner at the foot of the David statue in Florence, if he dreamt it, it became a reality through his hard work and professional acumen.

Tributes to Bob have referred often to the power of his story-telling – tales of all of the above, and many other inimitable, award winning events he created – and of the debt of gratitude owed to him for what he taught many in the incentive world.

Our own Karim el Minabawy, of euromic Egypt, Emeco Travel said, “Bob was a true mentor and a real gentlemen. I had the pleasure of knowing well during my time at IT&ME. May his soul rest in peace.”

Robert J. Guerriero
July 3, 1932 – November 19, 2022