Huw Tuckett

Joe Lustenberger

Matt Szafert

Board of Directors / 2018

Mr. Hasan Dinç - President
Mr. Rajeev Kohli (VP / Finances)
Mr. Giancarlo Carrera (Finances)
Ms. Anna Nagy (Education & motivation)
Ms. Eduarda Neves (European Markets)
Mr. Laszlo Pasztor (Emerging Markets)
Mr. Victor Cañizares (North American Market)
Mr Karim El Minabawy (Immediate Past President / PR & Communication)

The Board is assisted in its day-to-day task by an appointed
Executive Director: Huw Tuckett

The Registered Office of the Association (“Loi 1901”) is situated:
12, rue du Helder 75009 Paris – France

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