11 reasons to plan your event in Portugal


There Are More Than Eleven Reasons Why…

…Portugal is an event planner’s gift: with so much going on, so diverse a country, so many options, venues and activities, it is hard to give only 11 reasons why you should bring your event, meeting or incentive to Portugal. But we have tried – here goes:

One: The number one spot on Europe’s best weather charts

(making it the best place for sand, sun and sea ideal for your event, meeting or reward).

From Madeira to the Algarve, Portugal ranks highly on all winter sun charts as well as summer holiday destinations, making the country an excellent year-round destination for all occasions.

Two: Bustling cities

Filled with life, culture and history, Lisbon and Porto have made it onto countless must-visit lists and make excellent locations to host all manner of event. There are far more to Portugal than these heavyweights though – even though these two main cities provide more options of venue, other choices can also be found in smaller cities scattered up and down the country.

Three: Wonderful landscape

From snowy mountains to rolling plains and golden beaches, Europe’s most westerly point has it all and then some.

Four: 400,000 years of history

From prehistory through to pre-Celtic times and Roman, Visigoth and Moorish invasions to kings, castles and colonisation, Portugal’s rich history can be felt in all manner of detail and is just waiting to be discovered by your incentive programme and explored by your group

Five: Fabulous food

5 separate regions on the continent and 2 autonomous archipelagos, each with their own traditional dishes and specialties, make Portugal a foodie paradise to be savoured, whether on an incentive trip or as part of a conference

Six: A vast array of venues

From world-leading classic hotels and conference centres of all shapes and sizes to art galleries, restaurants and bars for all tastes, not to mention the quintessential Portuguese “Quinta”, there are far more than a whole host of venues in Portugal you can choose to make your meeting memorable.

Seven: 7 years as Europe’s leading beach destination

200 kilometres of beaches of all shapes and sizes, from golden sandy swathes to dramatic rocky cliffs, have earned the Algarve the title of Europe’s leading beach destination for 7 years in a row. Ideal as the backdrop to hold the perfect incentive reward programme on.

Eight: UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Allowing for events of all kinds, from adventure to wine-tasting and historic to cultural, Portugal’s UNESCO World Heritage sites provide for a surprise around every corner.

Nine: nature reserves to stay on

Spread across the country and providing for peaceful paradise after peaceful paradise filled with wildlife and striking sceneries, each natural reserve is more beautiful than the next, providing for countless options of escapes to nature, often with the option of a whole range of group activities within or close by

Ten: One of Europe’s 10 best value cities

Considering the quality of venues and variety of food options, not to mention the weather, Portugal has excellent bang for your buck price quality whichever way you look at it. With Lisbon ranking as one of Europe’s 10 best value cities, the entire country is known for its affordable prices and high quality.

11: Wine regions

To round off the joys of Portugal, and for those groups and meetings that like wine at the heart of their programme, there are 12 distinct wine regions providing wines for all palates. From wine tasting in sprawling vineyards in the Alentejo to sampling port on the banks of the Douro, each region has a unique offer ranging all the way to the World’s Leading Wine Region Hotel, which is conveniently located near Lisbon.

These 11 marvels and so much more make Portugal an event planner’s paradise, one that promises to unearth secrets and hidden treasures at every turn, so why not let euromic Portugal plan your next event here? One filled with sand, sun and sea? Or food, fun and festivities? Or all of these!

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