5 incredible incentive ideas from Cuba

When you are planning your next incentive group, why not plan on Cuba?

It is a destination that offers unique experiences, arising from its rich cultural heritage, its charming cities and paradise-like beaches, its world-renowned flagship products such as rum and cigars, and especially its people, always hospitable and cordial.

Here are just some of the top ideas to make the most of on this astonishing island:

Ride in a fleet of classic cars along the Havana boardwalk and around the great city
Take your group on the glorious Sun Cruise, one of the most exciting adventures in Varadero
Join in the fun and feel the noise with a Cuban percussion master class with renowned musicians
Let the group just take relaxing as reward, in the spectacular Playa Pilar, Cayo Guillermo
Try a group tasting of the new rum Eminente, a tribute to the Cuban rum heritage

There’s a whole host of rewarding incentives rewards awaiting you in Cuba.


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