Bring Your Group Close To Nature

We welcome all groups with a eye on sustainability and conservations – or just groups of nature enthusiasts  – to visit Taiwan and discover the diverse range of endemic species that inhabit its wetlands, forests, and mountains.

International MICE groups are also encouraged to take advantage of Taiwanlook’s local expertise and take part in in-depth learning experiences that include close encounters with Taiwan’s endemic wildlife and exploring verdant enclaves in the heart of Taipei.

Mountain Adventures

Taiwan is home to more than 200 mountain peaks above 3,000 meters. Some of them are nearly 4,000 meters tall. Its unique geography often marries mountains and the ocean. Located on the rugged east coast of Taiwan, Taroko Gorge unveils a remarkable transformation within a span of just a few hours. A scenic drive along the gorge’s winding paths reveals an awe-inspiring progression—from the rugged embrace of coastal cliffs, through the intricate maze of subtropical forested canyons, and onward to the grandeur of lofty subalpine coniferous forests. Over the course of roughly 60 kilometers, the landscape ascends from sea level to the towering summits that crown Taiwan’s horizons. Taroko Gorge proudly stands as one of the world’s deepest marble canyons, inviting adventurers to explore its wide offering of hiking trails that cater to all preferences, ranging from leisurely hour-long strolls to challenging ascents rewarding hikers with awe-inspiring vertical views into the heart of the valley.

Close to Conservation

In recent years, Taiwan has made remarkable progress in wildlife conservation. It is home to an impressive bird population that has experienced significant rebounds. For example, thanks to the hard work of local conservationists, the Black-faced Spoonbill population was saved from the brink of extinction. After successful initiatives to protect its habitat near the southern city of Tainan, the world population of Black-faced Spoonbill has increased from 300 in 1992 to over 6,000 in 2022. Taiwan’s numbers account for an impressive 62% of the bird’s global population.

Taiwanlook can tailor your interested incentive group trip to take in observing these and many other revived and repopulated species, or better still arrange participation in conservation projects that are close to you and your group’s heart.


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