Esteemed Event Location in Azure Waters

Djerba Island, Tunisia

Djerba Island, a gem nestled in the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, recently earned global recognition as it joined the esteemed ranks of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This historic island, steeped in culture and tradition, captivated UNESCO with its rich tapestry of heritage, including ancient ruins, vibrant markets, and a tapestry of diverse communities.

All these make it an ideal and highly attractive base for any incentive group to hold two or three (or four even) rewarding days with food, culture and activities.


Adding to its accolades, Djerba Island played host to the prestigious Summit of La Francophonie, welcoming leaders and delegates from French-speaking nations worldwide. Against the backdrop of its picturesque landscapes and sun-kissed beaches, the summit served as a platform for diplomatic dialogue and cultural exchange, fostering solidarity and cooperation among Francophone nations.

If you have a conference or major event to organise, why not choose to bring it to the heritage and facilities of Djerba Island, confident that it will deliver for you as it already delivered on the world stage.


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