euromic wins sustainability award

At EUROMIC we are committed to the sustainability of our members, and we rely on Biosphere to enable our journey towards continuous improvement, the 2030 Agenda and the 17 SDGs. That is why each of our members develops and works on its own action plan based on the Sustainable Development Goals, with the guarantee of the Biosphere certification.

euromic Named “Ambassador of the Year” Award in the First Edition of Biosphere Awards

The Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR) recently presented the first edition of the Biosphere Awards  – their awards recognising the efforts by companies to promote and adopt more sustainable production and consumption models in our industry, according to the Biosphere methodology.

They awarded euromic the first ever Biosphere Ambassador of the Year award, in recognition of our commitment to adopting and applying the 17 Sustainable Development Goals over the last year, both as an organisation ourselves, and also in all of our members’ companies. In May last year at a euromic members’ strategy meeting, it was agreed and voted in that attainment of sustainability certification was to be a condition of membership of euromic, putting sustainability at the heart of our offering to clients. The citation in awarding us was:

“euromic is the winner of this category in this first edition, for its contribution to the dissemination of the work within the framework of the 17SDGs among the world’s tour operators, for the promotion of a more sustainable tourism.

Thanks to the agreement established between [euromic] and Biosphere for this 2022-2023, there are already 10 EUROMIC associates in countries around the world that have joined this system for the adoption of a culture of sustainability, demonstrating the group’s commitment in moving to its member to adopt more sustainable models”

The president of the ITR, Tomás de Azcárate Bang, commented about this and our fellow winners, “this figure indicates that more and more companies are integrating good practices and adopting a culture of sustainability under the principles and objectives of the United Nations.” Within euromic, this number will only grow as all our members sign up to Biosphere or another recognised sustainability certification.




Yulia Lekomtseva of euromic Spain, Spanish Heritage, receiving the award at the presentation ceremony at FITUR in Madrid on behalf of us all, reflected on the undoubted impact that the MICE sector has in terms of sustainability. “Working in more than 50 destinations around the world, we are very aware of the footprint generated by our sector”, explains Yulia. “It is time for all of us to reflect and act to minimize and compensate the impact, implementing measurable and reliable systems such as those provided by the Biosphere methodology”.

We are honoured to have been given this inaugural award, and to be recognised for the commitment and the efforts made by our members. There is more to come – in terms of sustainability, accreditation and member numbers.