Exclusive group dining in KL

Exclusive group dining in KL; The Petroleum Club, Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur

One of the world’s most iconic buildings, the Petronas Towers is home, on the 42nd floor to the Petroleum Club.

This exclusive club, with amazing space and breathtaking views, is usually only available as a members-only club. But euromic Malaysia, Prime HTT, has privileged contact and offers you access and exclusive use for group dining in KL and an event your special guests will truly remember.

Your party – of up to 50 or more – will be greeted in the lobby under a race-winning Formula One Mercedes car, and given their passes for breezing through to the lifts to take them up to the Club.

After enjoying a welcome drink and taking in the ambience, the scale of the space and the views from the club, they will be taken up to the Observation Tower, where they can marvel at the views, cross the corridor that links the twin towers, and take those all important selfies and shots for Instagram and more.

Awaiting them on their return to the Club will be the full service dinner prepared in agreement with your choice and menu, and a feast to enjoy in the impressive triple-height dining area. Wines and drinks flow as you wish – with many cheers to be had.

This is a truly impressive and memorable experience for any incentive group dining in KL or as a dinner to top an event or conference you hold in Kuala Lumpur, but is not available to many. euromic Malaysia, Prime HTT has the key and the contacts to offer you this amazing event.


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