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The President’s welcome to our new site

Welcome to euromic’s new website. This is a new beginning for us in some ways. 

As we all have gone through this most interesting phase of our times, we have had time to reflect. To think, to wonder, to evaluate. Some have used the pause to gain new skills, some to reconnect with family and others to work on their inner wellbeing. There is no right and wrong in this journey. There is no rule that you should have learned a new language, taken up a new hobby or have become a master chef. In fact, if it is one thing we have all realised that every one of us has their own unique & personal journey, some in which we walk alone and somewhere we walk with loved ones. Our place in history may be the same, but our stories will all be different. 

My country, India, has had its ups and downs. We were a shining star in Covid control at the start, then morphed into a hellhole and now are back to some level for peace. Roller coasters always made me woozy, but this one has been very intense. What was my story? Like all of us in our industry, keeping the business together was hard, but not impossible. A bazillion webinars and Zoom calls have been done. I have gotten used to spending all day in shorts. On a personal level, my relationship with my wife became even stronger (we had never spent so much continuous time together in one go in our 26 years of being married). Our boys, who we have not seen in 18 months, matured tremendously, being so far away, left to fend for themselves. I connected with friends at a different level, and industry colleagues shared more than just superficial business conversations. 

As I walked along this journey, one source of personal strength and inspiration has been my euromic family. I remember when they first tried to recruit us as a member about twelve years ago. I didn’t know who they were and what to expect. But there was something in their approach that made me want to be a part of this group, a group that I now consider to be family.

We are all a community

There are many associations and professional bodies out there, and most of us are part of one or another. For me, euromic has stood out because it is much more than an association. It is a community. We share common values, passions and sensibilities. Each member is an equal stakeholder, a partner, an owner. Each is individualistic in their tyles & thinking but united in resolve. Each member is someone of influence in their respective countries. Each member is someone relevant and interesting. I often tell my colleagues that my biggest education has come from listening and interacting with my peers from around the world. Be it euromic, SITE, ADMEI or wherever, listening to how other DMCs operate, resolve challenges, handle their sales &marketing and just the ideas from across cultures, all of this has made me a much better professional and the DMC we are. 

We all saw our lives change. Some changes will be transient; some changes will be permanent, and some changes we will not want to reverse. Close your eyes and look inside. We will not be returning to our old lives. There is a new world out there for us to explore and conquer. New battles to be fought, new adventures to begin, new stories to share. 

So, when I say that euromic’s new website is in some ways a new beginning, it is because as we all slowly exit the pandemic, we will all find ourselves back to where we started our journeys. Our client base has been impacted, with many old faces gone. Our competitive base has changed, with many fellow DMCs scarred. We know our togetherness has kept us going. Has held the hope alive. We know that our euromic is emerging smarter, sharper, leaner and more futuristic. The past will be a reminder what not to do, but our future is bright, captivating, and a story yet to be written. Watch this space; our story will be exciting. This I promise!

Euromic, together we are stronger!

Peace, love, happiness and ice-cream.


Rajeev Kohli 

President, 2020-2022 and euromic India – Creative Travel

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