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Celebrate the 750th anniversary of the City of Amsterdam with our help!


From October 2024, Amsterdam will start a whole year’s worth of celebrations to take it up to its incredible 750th anniversary day, 27th October 2025.

With so much going on, it will pay to ask us as Delta Amsterdam for help in getting you and your group involved in this year of special celebrations. We can get you booked in a Future Ten-Day Event to be held June 2025:  innovative discussions and visionary projects culminating in a spectacular celebration and an immersive day in the closed off Ring Road on June 21st 2025. Summer and autumn 2025 will be filled with celebrations too as SAIL, the Marathon, and festivals all take place. We can help with booking you in for any of the events across the year for this special city in its special year. Join us in commemorating this milestone and create memories that will last a lifetime. Let Delta Amsterdam make you part of Amsterdam’s monumental anniversary year!

Why you need a company like Delta Amsterdam… as Amsterdam’s City Center goes green

In an effort to prioritize sustainability and enhance the visitor experience, Amsterdam has implemented new regulations restricting the entry of large buses into the city center. They are not allowed in any more. A problem for the larger group looking to this tried and trusted transport to get around. This initiative aims to reduce congestion, improve air quality, and preserve the historic charm of Amsterdam’s streets, so it is for the best for any group visiting. But it does mean getting around the city might prove more difficult for you and your group. Why not take advantage of our experience and inventiveness at Delta Amsterdam and ask us to ensure that your guests can still reach their centrally located hotel or conference venue, in the most stress-free manner, allowing them to enjoy the city to its fullest.

Revamped Racing Experience in Zandvoort: Formula 1 Returns in 2024

Attention all racing enthusiasts! The iconic racetrack in Zandvoort is undergoing extensive renovations, setting the stage for an exhilarating Formula 1 race in 2024, but also amazing company experiences. With upgraded facilities and an electrifying atmosphere, the Zandvoort circuit promises an unforgettable experience for your company meeting or event! It’s expected to re-open in April 2024 – and Delta Amsterdam is here to make you one of the first to revel in the revved up revamped venue.

Exciting News from Amsterdam: New Hotels Welcoming Guests in 2024

Amsterdam, known for its picturesque canals and vibrant culture, continues to elevate its hospitality offerings with the opening of two new fantastic hotels. The Maritim hotel and the Rosewood hotel will open their doors in 2024, offering guests experiences. Whether you seek the unparalleled conference facilities of the Maritim or the timeless elegance of the Rosewood, Amsterdam’s newest accommodations are sure to exceed your expectations. Let Delta Amsterdam book you and your group into them.

Why Choose the Netherlands for Your Next Incentive or Meeting?

As you plan your next incentive trip or corporate event, consider the Netherlands as your destination. With its unrivalled blend of historic landmarks and sustainable practices, the Netherlands provides the perfect backdrop for memorable experiences. Whether you’re hosting a conference, incentive program, or team-building retreat, our diverse cities and picturesque landscapes offer endless possibilities for success and enjoyment.

Come discover the Netherlands – where every meeting is an opportunity to inspire, connect, and create lasting memories.

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