Our Message to Ukraine

All of us, the DMC members of euromic across the world, send our thoughts, our wishes, and our prayers to all the people of Ukraine in this difficult time.

We are particularly thinking all the time of our dear member, colleague and friend in Ukraine, Dima Tantsiura, and his family, split apart by the current circumstances. Our thoughts are with him all the more for the fact that he marks his birthday (on 1st March)  a long way from his wife and young family as he remains in his home city with the expectations on him to help defend his country. Stay strong and brave, our dear friend.

Words are not enough to express the sadness we all face, but we hope all Ukraine will find the strength and patience to overcome this difficult time. We hope for better senses to prevail soon. The world is with you. We are with you.

Stay strong, stay safe.

Dima and colleagues in earlier times.