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We Do Award Winning Programs

At Portugal Travel Team we have perfected our group travel offering in Lisbon, setting our much-loved city apart from competing markets and destinations for incentive travel.

We were thrilled to have won 2023’s SITE Crystal Award for Best Destination-Based Experiential Incentive Travel Program with one.

By demonstrating to the SITE judging panel our ability to arrange exclusive creative and unique activities around Lisbon, and in the face of strong competition we delighted in taking this highly regarded title for just one of our amazing programs.

Let’s have a look at the many elements that made up our award winning submission and made us an award winning DMC. These were all arranged by us in a three-day program. Any or every part can be worked into tailoring your own special event.

UNESCO & Heritage Sites

The program incorporated visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including a captivating tour of Sintra and the Lisbon coast. Participants explored the westernmost point of Continental Europe (the place where the land ends and the ocean starts) and indulged in an à la carte lunch by the ocean, offering breathtaking views and a deep appreciation for the region’s natural beauty.

Belém Cultural Experience

The Belém experience seamlessly combined culture, landmarks, history, gastronomy, and entertainment. Participants gained insights into Lisbon’s maritime history while savouring its world-renowned pastries. Belém is one of the most important quarters in Portuguese history (we think the world in fact) as it was from here that the Portuguese navigators departed into the unknown in search of more land. With Portugal Travel Team, any group can experience this quarter in the best possible way – and with amazing pastries.

Custard Tarts Exploration

Lisbon is famed for its custard tarts, one of the 7 gastronomic wonders of Portugal, so we built an experience around this iconic treat. After sharing the intriguing story of these delectable pastries, now a part of every local’s daily life, we then headed down to waiting catamaran, and as they gently sailed about let the guests indulge in a custard tart tasting session, comparing and contrasting between the original and the Manteigaria’s, the new consistent custard tart maker that can be found almost anywhere in the city. (What makes this experience truly exceptional is our commitment to inclusivity, as we can provide variations to accommodate dietary restrictions (vegan and gluten-free), ensuring that every attendee can savour this quintessential Lisbon delight.)

James Bond Adventure

Participants then finished this catamaran-and-cake adventure with an adrenaline-pumping speedboat ride set to a James Bond DJ soundtrack in the very apt environment of Estoril. A neutral haven for spies in WW2, the casino was where one Ian Fleming took inspiration to write the first of the iconic James Bond books, set in this very location.

Tuk Tuk Tour

The Tuk Tuk experience allows participants to cross and see the city in a fun and unique way, providing them with an up-close view of Lisbon’s charming streets and landmarks on their way around and back to their hotel. Each driver is a local guide that provides insightful tips, facts, and recommendations about the city.

Authentic Culinary Tours

Our food tour takes participants to authentic restaurants and local hotspots, offering a gastronomic journey that few visitors ever experience. It provides a unique opportunity to savour delicacies favoured by locals, showcasing the city’s culinary diversity and rich flavours. In this tour, participants savoured iconic Portuguese dishes and drinks such as pastéis de bacalhau, ginjinha, ‘bifanas’ Portuguese pork steak sandwich, and bacalhau à brás, providing them with a true taste of the local culinary scene.

Authentic Entertainment and Experiences

Our entertainment choices are designed to be authentic and culturally inspiring, from classic Portuguese guitar duos to unique wine events like opening a vintage port bottle using the ‘tenaz’ method. The partner programme featured visits to iconic establishments such as the Ulisses glove shop established in 1925; A Brasileira, one of the oldest cafes in Lisbon, founded in the year 1905; and the Bertrand library, established in 1732 and the holder of the Guinness World Record for the oldest operating bookstore in the world.


We carefully curated experiences that celebrates our local culture. We can get the academical tuna performance (a tradition that started in the 13th century, where our group serenades yours dressed in university attire). Or how about we arrange a private Fado in an exclusive rooftop venue?

Exceptional Golfing

Lisbon boasts some of the best golf courses in Portugal, so we make sure any group that wants to enjoy this world-class sporting experience. Let lush greens and challenging fairways add an exciting dimension to your program. We can secure one of the top 100 golf courses in the world (according to Golf Magazine), designed by Arthur Hills and winner of the Platinum Club of the World prize in 2015.

We arrange renting buggies and equipment, book a lunch at the golf club à la carte and prepare a shopping experience at the golf store – what better way to play golf in a new destination than having it all organised as smooth as the greens themselves?

European Soccer Experience

Soccer is by far the most popular sport in Europe, and in Portugal, it’s like a religion. Being able to take a group to experience a game, in the city where they were staying, with the home team playing for the win is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. There is even an exhilarating eagle encounter that no-one who sees it ever forgets: while the original club logo has always included an eagle, the club created a giant logo with no eagle so that Victoria, the mascot, could fly pre-game and land on the right spot to complete it. Our guests not only experience this excitement at the beginning of the game, but at the end have time for a selfie and a photoshoot too.

Gala Dinner Extravaganza

Our gala dinners are meticulously planned to defy expectations. From a stunning palace venue, to exceptional entertainment throughout the evening showcasing the best that Portugal has to offer, from a guitar orchestra to a strolling saxophonist, a Bossa Nova duo to a local DJ. We know how to make nights like this the best gala evening attendees had ever experienced.


Farewell Memories

We suggest the dining experience at OTRO – a restaurant by one of Portugal’s most popular chefs – to provide you and your guests a long-lasting memory of exquisite gastronomy as the finale to your days with us. Let the Gastro bar with its panoramic views and live music (fado) ensure an unforgettable farewell that celebrates all you’ve seen of Lisbon’s authentic charm.

Award Winning

In summary, Lisbon’s unique attributes, including its UNESCO heritage sites, iconic culinary offerings, exceptional golf courses, and authentic
cultural experiences, forms the foundation for our engaging activities and incentive experiences – and that wins us awards.

Portugal Travel Team has been recognised and rewarded for our careful curation and attention to detail, not only highlighting the city’s distinctive features but also creating a program that surpassed the expectations of even the most discerning of participants. That is why we were awarded 2023’s SITE Crystal Award for Best Destination-Based Experiential Incentive Travel Program.

Lisbon, with its blend of history, culture, and modernity, provides the perfect canvas for crafting truly memorable moments, Portugal Travel Team the keys to the very best of it.

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