Stunning made-to-order dinner in the vineyards

We all know the moment, whether you’re on the client, planner, organiser side, or you are the DMC eager to hear what dreams are wanted for the event in hand. “A few years ago”, the conversation starts, “we went to something that we’ve never forgotten. We would love to be able to do something just like that here”.

euromic France’s Holt DMC heard exactly that at the initial proposal meeting: the client and his wife had been to an ‘exclusive dinner’ in a vineyard in Cape Town, that had made an impression on them – and now they wanted to do the same in the vineyards of France, for 150 guests.

While of course Holt knows and works with vineyards and wineries that can offer and cater event or celebration ‘packages’,  Holt recognised the desire for creating something special, exclusive and unforgettable. Holding the event in Bordeaux – one of the (if not the) world’s most famous wine regions – was quickly agreed. Holt then arranged a special vineyard with an impressive chateau as backdrop to accept the event; one where the dinner venue could nestle amongst the vines, and the guests could be immersed in a venue exclusive to them and that night.




The dinner was held in a structure built up above the vineyard, designed to be fully transparent so the guests could feel in total immersion with the vineyard inside, and from the outside and from a distance it drew attention – and made its mark – as it shimmered and appear to float above the vines.

The structure was 74m long and 5 meters wide; the red carpet entrance made guests feel special; the guests could enjoy the wine right at the heart of where it came from (literally) and enjoyed with a dinner created for the occasion with white gloves service (literally).

This kind of structure with this level of quality have never been done in the past and will never be done in the future. This was just tailor-made for this event. Born from the client’s request; planned, crafted and delivered by Holt DMC.

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