Sustainable Sojourns in Colombia’s Coffee Heartland

2 full day experience, Pijao, Colombia

Colombia en Colores DMC offers the perfect sustainable incentive for you and your group: an intimate glimpse into Pijao’s heart, the tranquil haven in Colombia’s coffee region. Here, life moves at a gentle pace, with locals embracing a quality of life deeply connected to nature and tradition. Our unique itinerary will reveal to your group this ethos, blending eco-tourism and cultural immersion.

They will discover Pijao’s charm through a coffee workshop and a visit to a traditional coffee farm, complete with a Willys Jeep ride. And they will experience ‘tejo,’ Colombia’s ancestral game, for a touch of local fun.

On the second day, the adventure continues with a scenic chic picnic in ‘Aguas Claras,’ celebrating the region’s natural beauty amid Cocora Valley’s breathtaking landscapes.

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