Take to the ‘mountain’ of the Netherlands!

Sint-Pietersberg and the Marl Caves

Sint-Pietersberg is actually a hill, but we call it a mountain since our country is as flat as a pancake (LOL-this is why we love eating pancakes in the Netherlands). Located in the southernmost part of the Netherlands, the rare limestone slopes and the unique microclimate make the area a unique butterfly, eagle owl, bat and plant paradise. At the head of the mountain is Fort Sint Pieter, an impressive defense for the city of Maastricht. At the top of the fort you have a great view of Maastricht and the Maas valley around you, with an opportunity to also explore the North Caves under Sint Pietersberg, home to a special piece of Maastricht history and filled with ancient drawings and inscriptions.

After exploring Sint-Pietersberg, why not enjoy dinner in the nearby Marl Caves? Historic wine cellars are located here, in the old corridors of the castle’s unique marl caves. Part of the history of the ancient, terraced castle can be read on the walls, such as the birth of the Euro, which was born here during the Euro Summit in 1991.

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