The Best Evening Event in Tanzania

Tanzania does not have palaces or castles for your evening event, but instead something even more majestic, other worldly even, and very very different. We have the impressive dome of the African sky. Bring your group to dine under the endless canopy of stars that shines as brightly as your gala event will under the African night sky. The exceptional setting, resplendent with campfires, fine wine, excellent bush cuisine and attentive staff is hard to beat.

The experience of being away from the lights of camp or lodge with wild sounds of the nocturnal creatures at the backdrop is something else to experience, and will last a very long time, if not forever, in the memory of all your guests. Dinner is usually a traditional BBQ  with some typical African dishes and fruits and taking an active part in the entertainment is encourages, as you all get involved in accompanying the local dances and music groups.

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