The Best Wine Experience for Groups

A truly unique experience with a cloistered vineyard and high-concept Chic gastro-retreat – Venissa – run by Michelin star Chef Antonia Klugmann, an institution in Venice!

Mazzorbo is a verdant and un-touristy island that became a place of spiritual retreat: over the centuries the small population, above all farmers and monks, dedicated themselves to the production of typical lagoon vegetables, looking after fruit trees (above all the grapevine) and nurturing fish breeds on the fish farms.

Today, the ancient 2 hectares “walled vineyard” dating back to 15th Century and watched over by an even older bell tower, produces the celebrated and awarded Venissa, the Golden Wine of Native Venice due to the brilliant color of its berries. An “emotional” wine tasting of the precious Venissa wine!

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