Three New Sustainable Activities in Barcelona

Eco Sailing

One of the most popular incentive activities in Barcelona is the regatta. Spanish Heritage DMC designed a new version of this beloved activity: eco sailing.

Eco sailing brings an added value to a simple regatta competition: your team will learn about the environment and the marine biodiversity while enjoying the Mediterranean.

The teams are  guided by an iPad as they make their way to a certain point in the sea where different quizzes on sustainability will pop up.

Paddle/Kayak & Beach Clean-up

Another way of leaving a positive footprint in the destination while having some beach fun!

On Barceloneta beach, the group will be split into two teams to cover both the beach and the sea. In the beach part we will have to collect plastics and overcome the challenges of the iPad, while in the water, we will have to use the paddle and snorkels to find the maximum amount of waste, both on the surface and on the seabed.

Active Meditation

Sustainability also means being mindful of your team´s wellbeing.

Spanish Heritage DMC proposed a 1 hour active meditation session at the fabulous terrace of  W Barcelona hotel, during which the attendees were able to boost self-esteem and creativity, reduce stress and build social cohesion to the electronic beats

Brought to you by Spanish Heritage. To build your incentive activities around sustainable events: memorable:

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