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With offerings as diverse as Big Five Safaris, unspoilt Mozambican Islands, Cape Town overlooked by the iconic Table Mountain, or one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World at The Victoria Falls. Southern Africa certainly deserves its dream destination status. Few regions offer as many authentic opportunities to experience and explore. The destination combines diverse cultures, spectacular scenery, and magnificent wildlife and nature, with a modern infrastructure and first world service. A warm African welcome and some of the best food and wine found anywhere, ensures memories remain long after visitors return home.

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Walthers DBS.

Walthers, a multi-award-winning specialist incentives and meetings DMC, operates throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Creative, financially secure, and being flexible all define this 40+year old, highly respected, family-managed business.

Winners of 6 Site Crystal Awards, 3 of which were in the category of Sustainability.

Specialisms: Incentives – Team Building – Events – Meetings – Congresses – Conferences – Conventions – FIT – Group Travel – Special Interests – River Cruise – Luxury/VIP Travel


    Why This DMC?

    I love exploring Africa, creating experiences, and sharing my favourite places and stories of our continent and its special people with our clients. I am an avid mountain biker, craft beer and wine lover, hiker, and very poor trout fisherman. I am fortunate to lead an all-woman team who keep me grounded and do most of the work to ensure our clients depart happy and often return.

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    Why choose South Africa – Why Choose Walthers DBS


    South Africa is truly a “World in One Country”, populated by a ‘Rainbow Nation’ of contrasting cultures. We have eleven official languages, and most of them have no word for ‘stranger’, so you can expect a very warm welcome. Modern first-world infrastructure and airports define our gateway cities, yet contrast with authentic experiences in our safari and rural areas. South Africa is also a regional hub from which one can easily explore the neighbouring countries of Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique as well as The Victoria Falls area covering Zimbabwe and Zambia. From Cape Town, the most beautiful city in the world, to Safari, Mountains, Oceans and Deserts, the region offers so much that most of our guests return to experience more

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    We know what gets asked a lot about bringing groups to South Africa. Here’s our fast track answers, so you know.

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    When is the best time to travel to South Africa?

    Ours is a vast country and the region is huge. As a result we have differing weather seasons from Cape Town’s Mediterranean climate to dry winters in the interior. Each season brings its own highlights. Antelope drop their foals with the onset of summer rains in most safari areas, Cape Town’s vineyards are at their most beautiful when showing their autumn colours, the Victoria Falls are worth seeing anytime but at their most impressive during the May/June high water season. Anytime is a good time to visit!

    Can we touch the animals?

    Ideally not, wild animals are dangerous and unpredictable and tame encounters with for example lion cubs are no longer viewed as ethical, because once habituated to humans most animals can never be released into the wild. Walthers is a signatory to the “Born to Live Wild” https://bloodlions.org/born-to-live-wild/ campaign and we do not offer any animal experience that is not ethical.

    Can I drive from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

    Yes you can, if you enjoy 1450km road trips. Distances are significant by most standards and most of our clients prefer to fly the longer routes. However for those wishing to explore off the beaten track places, and with sufficient time on their hands, South Africa and its neighbours offer some of the best self-drive experiences available anywhere.

    Is South Africa safe?

    As with any country there are a few neighbourhoods that one should preferably avoid. Millions of visitors enjoy relaxed and incident free visits to South Africa. It is however always best to consult with your DMC before planning a trip and it is reassuring to know that you have someone to contact should you need any assistance along the way. At Walthers we include medical response and evacuation cover for all our clients, although we also strongly recommend you also have your own travel and medical insurance.

    Is the tap water safe to drink in South Africa?

    In all major cities and most hotels and lodges the tap water is perfectly safe to drink. In remote areas the water may be less safe or even taste different and the Walthers team will advise you on where not to drink tap water. We encourage our visitors to use refillable containers to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

    Are credit cards accepted in South Africa?

    Yes credit cards are accepted in most places visited. Exceptions are some curio sellers and small stores in rural areas. MasterCard and Visa are more widely accepted than American Express and Diners. We always recommend carrying a small amount of local currency as foreign notes are generally not accepted and for example foreign credit cards are not accepted for toll roads, although most hire cars will have a transponder.