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Experience a private event on the Great Wall of China. Cruise a red sailed Junk on Hong Kong’s stunning Victoria Harbour. Visit the awesome Terra Cotta Warrior Army in Xian. Sip cocktails at a rooftop bar above the iconic Bund in Shanghai. Visit the world’s largest Giant Panda facility in Chengdu. Hike mountain trails in Tiger Leaping Gorge. Wonder at the ethereal city of Lhasa and visit the famed Potala Palace.

Add iconic modern and ancient architectural masterpieces, incredible cuisine, a plethora of entertainment options and you have a window into what China and Hong Kong offer as DESTINATIONS.

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Destination China.

The first privately owned DMC in China we have been delivering exceptional experiences since 1997. Our strength is our people. Their commitment and passion are the key to our success.

Specialisms: Incentives Events Meetings Conferences Corporate Travel Group Travel Luxury/VIP Travel.


    Jenny Zhu Dan Dan

    Deputy General Manager

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    Why This DMC?

    In 1997 I was given the opportunity to join the “start-up” Destination China. That opportunity has translated into almost 25 years of incredible and memorable experiences. If I’m asked what drives me I always reply “the look on the faces of our guests when we provide them a once in a lifetime experience”. Such as an event on the Great Wall. Their joy and emotions motivate and inspire me.

    Kind words.

    Why choose China, Hong Kong – Why choose Destination China


    Since Marco Polo’s seminal work in the thirteenth century and his description of China’s people, places and practices, the world has been fascinated by this incredible land. The scope of options available is as vast as the country itself.

    China’s position as one of the world’s most influential economies makes it among the most important destinations for business delegations, boards and entrepreneurs. Educational institutes and political delegations also add to the number of “professional visitors” to China.

    As a trusted DMC partner we will help you navigate the unique cultural and business practices, overcome language barriers and provide the best of the best in terms of options and ideas that meet your client’s needs. At Destination China that is our role and our goal.

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    We know what gets asked a lot about bringing groups to China. Here’s our fast track answers, so you know.

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    What type of Visa do we need for China?

    For most guests attending events in China all that is required is a (T) single entry tourist Visa. Applications can be found online and Visa’s processed by the Chinese Embassy, Consular or Visa offices in your location.

    Is English commonly spoken in China?

    While many of the younger generation speak a reasonable level of English, it is not that widely spoken. We provide guests with important information in a bi-lingual format to facilitate their ease of movement and help in any emergency situations.

    Is China safe?

    China and Hong Kong are 2 of the safest places in the world by any statistics you reference. So they are very safe destinations to visit and travel in.

    Are restaurants, hotels and venues in China able to deal with multiple dietary requirements

    Chinese cuisine is one of the most varied and flexible in the world. There is something for everyone from meat lovers to vegans. In addition there are a wide selection of international options in all major cities. The Michelin listings of restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong show this variety and quality.

    What are the best times to visit China?

    Generally Spring and Autumn provide the best weather for events in China. Summer is hot in the centre and south, but not to the detriment of activities or events. Great events can be held in the Winter, but there are limits to outdoor activities, particularly in the Central and Northern regions.

    What are the differences between the 2 major cities, Beijing and Shanghai?

    Beijing and Shanghai are like “two countries rather than just two cities.” Beijing is best known for its amazing culture and history and is the seat of Government in China. While Shanghai is more Metropolitan and has more of an “international feel”.