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Known as “the beautiful island,” Taiwan has an amazing mixture of breathtaking natural landscapes, mouthwatering international cuisines, and unique cultural offerings. It is a land where centuries-old beliefs and ceremonies are still kept alive, while remaining the most welcoming and accessible country in the region. Modern metropolises with all comforts of technology are surrounded by lush forests and mountains full of secret waterfalls and stunning vistas. It is Asia’s most well-kept secret just waiting to be discovered.

Being located in the heart of East Asia, Taiwan is a perfect gateway to the continent. Strategic location means that there are numerous direct flights from locations across the globe, including Europe and both East and West Coast of the USA.

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Our multinational team is creating unforgettable event memories for clients across the globe. We have one thing in common – we all love Taiwan.

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    Why This DMC?

    I am deeply curious about learning something new and Taiwan has never ceased to amaze me. I am delighted to be a part of the team that discovers amazing ways to experience this beautiful archipelago. 30 years into the industry, I still have this fervent passion to show Taiwan to the world, and more importantly, connect the world to Taiwan.

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    Why choose Taiwan – why choose Taiwanlook


    Taiwan is well-known as the world’s electronics’ powerhouse and one of the most developed countries in the region. It is universally lauded for successfully tackling the pandemic while allowing for everyday life to continue unimpeded. With plenty state-of-the-art venues and robust hotel base it is a perfect place to host an event or meeting regardless of scale or size.

    But it also has another side, one that is relatively unexplored by international planners. With its towering mountains and hidden valleys chock-full of natural wonders, it is waiting to be discovered. For all planners wanting to surprise their attendees with something new and exciting but also safe and accessible, Taiwan is one such place.

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    We know what gets asked a lot about bringing groups to Taiwan. Here’s our fast track answers, so you know.

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    What is the best time of the year to visit Taiwan?

    The best time to visit Taiwan is spring and fall, when the weather stays mild and comfortable. Although very beautiful, summers are hot and humid. Winters in the northern part of the island are damp and cold, although the temperatures rarely drop below 14 degrees Celsius. The weather in the south stays fair throughout the winter but groups should mind cooler temperatures and strong winds.

    What part of Taiwan is best to visit for the first-time group?

    The north Taiwan with the capital in Taipei is a great starting point for any group. Easily accessible by international airport in Toyuan, it boasts the most diverse cuisine and both traditional and modern neighbourhoods to discover. It is also a great starting point for all adventurers looking to explore Taiwan’s low mountains with their quaint mining towns, aboriginal settlements, and rumbling waterfalls.

    Is Taiwan a safe destination?

    Yes! Taiwan is considered one of the safest countries in the world. The locals are very proud of their country and are delighted having a chance to show it to foreign visitors. You can expect your trip to be hassle-free with scams and price-gouging virtually non-existent.

    Is it easy to travel around the island?

    Being relatively small, all parts of Taiwan can be easily reached within a few hours. Thanks to a well-developed network of freeways and high-speed rail, traveling between the cities is a breeze. The only exceptions are remote mountain areas, whose narrow windy roads are inaccessible to coaches. They can be reached by smaller tour buses or vans only.