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Welcome to Aruba and Curacao


365-days of warm and windy weather, paired with world class resorts, restaurants, shopping-centers, and the most beautiful white sandy beaches! Aruba, is the perfect location for your corporate functions and special events.  Curacao, the home to over 55 different nationalities, a melting pot of cultures and heritage: an unforgettable blend of European and Caribbean flair – it’s a perfect incentive destination.

When you partner with ECO Destination Management Services – known as ECODMS –  you are partnering with an expert in MICE industry, that provides the most exciting entertainment packages, smooth transportation experiences, high-energy reward events, and top-quality accommodations. ECODMS is a full-service destination management company, with a dedicated team that has the local knowledge, and established partnerships, to continuously deliver unparalleled, destination management services.

ECO Destination Management Services

Established in 1987, ECO Destination Management Services or ECODMS is a full-service destination management company that will address every detail of your stay with precision, care, and white-glove service from beginning to end. Dedicated to each group’s individual requirements!

Specialisms: Incentives – Team Building – Events – Meetings – Product Launches – Cruise Handling – Congresses – Conferences – Conventions – FIT – Corporate Travel – Group Travel – Special Interests – Luxury/VIP Travel



    Maoreen Every

    Managing Director & COO

    +011 (297) 587.2921

    Born and raised into the industry, I am a second generation of MICE professionals in the Caribbean, running a family-owned Destination Management Company with passion, dedication and love for delivering incredible and unforgettable experiences on our beautiful island!

    Why choose Aruba and Curacao - Why choose ECODMS


    This One Happy Island in the Southern Caribbean Aruba, is renowned for its beautiful beaches, unique coastline, vibrant culture and warm hospitality. Imagine being able to enjoy 365-days of warm and sunny weather (as we sit outside of the Hurricane Belt), paired with our Tradewinds, world class resorts, restaurants, bars, shopping centers, and the most beautiful white sandy beaches you have ever seen. This little paradise has a little bit of everything, giving incentive travel winners and meeting delegates so much to explore and discover. Come and experience our Happiness on Aruba!

    Located in the southern Caribbean, Curaçao is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, vibrant culture, European colonial history, and candy-colored buildings. With a diverse range of activities, Curaçao is a great destination for groups seeking adventure, relaxation, and fun. Come and feel it for yourself on this dushi (sweet) island!

    Where is Aruba and how is the weather?

    Nestled in the heart of the Southern Caribbean, our happy island is a beautiful, sun-bathed speck on a vast azure sea. Sitting right outside the hurricane belt. Aruba is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands since March 1983.

    Is Aruba easily accessible?

    Yes! With direct flights from 32 airports worldwide, from 28 cities and 13 countries, this little island is easily accessible by air from mayor cities in North America, Europe, Central America, Caribbean and South America.

    Where is Curaçao and how is the weather?

    Located on the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, on the outer fringes of the Hurricane Belt. Part of the ABC islands, Curaçao is located between Aruba and Bonaire, 60 km/ 40 miles North of Venezuela. Curaçao is an autonomous country within the Dutch Kingdom since October 10, 2012. With average temperatures at 84 degrees, and constant trade winds, 25 knots is a normal day but, it provides a cool breeze!

    Is Caracao easily accessible?

    Yes! With direct flights from 24 airports worldwide, from 22 cities and 14 countries, this little island is easily accessible by air from mayor cities in North America, Europe, Central America, Caribbean and South America.

    What languages are spoken?

    Home to over 90 different nationalities, we speak your language! Most locals are multilingual and are fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish and our native language, Papiamento. Given the diverse background and heritage some locals have knowledge in languages such as French, German, Italian, Portuguese.