Tradition in Ramadan (the fasting month of the Muslim) in Egypt:

For many years, as far as we can recall, Egyptians have been singing during that month a chant starting by “wahawy ya wahawy eyoha” meaning “welcome to the moon” in Ancient Egyptian. “wahawy ya wahawy” means welcome and “eyoha” means the moon. Actually these same words were used around 1700 BC after a prince from Luxor named Amosis defeated the Hyqsos who occupied Lower Egypt for almost 2 centuries. Ioha refers to “Iah Hoteb” ,Amosis’ mother who stood behind her husband and her two sons in their fight with the Hyqsos.

Special Events

On May 4th, 2018 together with ONUART Foundation, the Ministries of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities, and Foreign Affairs, Emeco Travel produced the Silk Road Concert in Luxor Temple. The event was attended by a great number of foreign and local dignitaries. The Governor of Luxor Mr. Mohamed Badr and the President of ONUART Miguel Angel Moratinos were among the attendees. The Cast was composed of Cairo Symphony Orchestra, Pablo Mielgo – conductor, Fatma Said – Soprano, Huiling Zhu – Mezzosoprano, Nataliya Tymchemko – Soprano and Vladimir Galouzine – Tenor. Fatma Said the 27 year old Egyptian Soprano who is already performing at the Teatro alla Scala of Milano, Coventry Gardens and other great theaters, has a brilliant future ahead. 
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In parallel, the same day, Emeco Travel had a Brazilian Incentive that besides usual visits enjoyed a dawn trip in Hot Air Balloons. The same evening this same group enjoyed a show and a dinner at Habo Temple on the West Bank.
Towards the end of June 2018, Mr Elhamy ElZayat the chairman and CEO is giving a lecture to the friends of the Te Papa museum in Wellington – New Zealand, which will be attended by over 200 persons.
His lecture will cover a resume of Pharaonic history with special references to the role of women at that time (4 pharaohs excluding Cleopatra the 7th), also explaining 2 tombs of Nobles which are of high interest namely Mereruka at Saqqara and Ramose in the Valley of the Nobles on the West Bank in Luxor.

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