After exploring the incredibly beautiful coral reefs, amazing aquatic life and the sunshine of the Red Sea, while swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving and dozens of exciting attractions in a laid back, relaxed atmosphere, we shall take you for a little cultural adventurous escape, heading to the nearby desert for a Starlight Dinner featuring a Bedouin setting where you'll enjoy gazing at the stars in the cloudless desert sky. The amazing mountains and desert landscapes give the location a dramatic backdrop.


A 15 minutes’ drive through a desert track to reach the amazing venue.

Upon arrival, a troop of dancers and musicians will welcome you with oriental musical instruments used by the local Egyptians to announce the arrival of the Bride and the bridegroom to the wedding (oriental Zaffa) while a welcome drink will be offered.

We shall proceed in the dark alley that is bordered by candlelight till reaching the dinner venue.

Music will start while the Bedouins will begin to light the surrounding mountain by fire spots

Dinner will be served while enjoying a Folkloric show and a belly dancer.

That is how we have an evening to remember at the end of the day.