Grand Egyptian museum update:

The official opening of the New Grand Egyptian Museum is set for 2020, however the exact date is yet to be confirmed. This icon of Egyptian History will move to it's brand new state if the art facility from it's existing home on Tahir sqaure in Cairo where it has been since 1902. The museum houses over 120 000 artefacts including the world famous Gold mask of Tutankhamun weighing in at an astonishing 11 kilograms of pure Gold ! No trip to Egypt is complete without a visit to this famous icon. Emeco Travel has unique access to the museum and can arrange special behind the scenes tours, guides and talks by eminent egyptologists or museum staff. They can also arrange access to areas not accessible to the general public such as the restoration laboratories. These restoration labs are divided into three sections, one for the stone statues, one for the woodwork and one for the papyrii, jewelry and other ornaments. Emeco guests can visit these three labs and see how restoration is carried out and can see specialist artists and restorers physically at work. 

Upgrades to the Giza Pyramids Plateau:


Plans are in progress in order to improve the experience of visiting this unique site. The access to the area will be from Fayoum road west of the Pyramids, Coaches will park there to decrease pollution and electric vehicles will now be provided for a comfortable transfer. Horses and Camels will be allowed only in certain areas . There will be a new Sound and Light Show which can be viewed  from theatre style seating or in one of the three restaurants  still to be built.

The areas which were previously privatized for events will still be available for hire although rates are still to be cofnirmed.  


High Profile Archeological Event organized by Emeco Travel:

On the 22nd October Emeco organized an event which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Salvage Operations of the Abu Simbel temples.  The date was crucial as it is the date on which the sun penetrates the temple and shines on the statues of the ancient Gods Ramses the Second, Ammon, Horus but ironically not on Osiris, the God of the dead !  A seated dinner was served to Top VIPs and very senior government officials.

During his presidency of the Egyptian Tourism Federation, Elhamy el Zayat offered three eminent personalities a statue in recognition of their invaluable contribution in saving the monuments of Nubia after the construction of the High Dam; the famous French Egyptologist, Christiane De Roche Noblecourt, Dr. Sarwat Okasha, the Minister of Culture at that time and Dr. Selim Hassan who was the head of the antiquities department.