• Egypt is a god’s heaven on Earth and its diversity of culture and nature has made it one of the most distinct and most popular destination across the globe for centuries
  • The land is blessed with kind Egyptians - very warm hearted and welcoming people who ensure guests always feel welcome and wanted
  • Elaborate dinners and entertainment have always been a central a part of Egyptian hospitality practices: dishes made of fowl, fish, bread, game, and wine are common sight as parties to last long into the night.


  • Today that same spirit of hospitality and delicious food is still all around as restaurants and malls reopened beginning of July – while reservations are required to secure a spot for dinner while maintaining physical distancing, deliveries are available 24/7!
  • International flights to Egypt commenced on the 1st of July and in June hotels with certified health safety certificate could operate for both leisure and business at 50 % occupancy in accordance with global health safety standards
  • All safety and hygienic measures became compulsory procedures, using all the preventive precautions and regular sterilization
  • Major roads leading to/from international airports have been maintained and expanded to help traffic and transfers


  • In Tahrir Square in Downtown you will find the obelisk, full in colours of lights, looking classic and surrounded by four authentic little sphinxes
  • Although the Grand Egyptian Museum’s opening is postponed this year, you can still enjoy many historical virtual tours there
  • Meanwhile why not enjoy, for real, our coastal destinations in the Mediterranean and Red Sea, in Egypt’s perfect weather starting from July till Christmas time. We can help you get there.
  • EMECO Travel was established in 1976 – we’re the oldest DMC in the Middle East region with a great history of delivering and valuable contacts book to make everything you want happen


  • Visits to the Abdeen Palace are taking place under specific restrictions and regulations. Only a limited number of visitors are allowed as the palace houses has many fragile antiquities. But you don’t need to wait for the museum to open up to see what it’s got in store — if you want to see now, we at EMECO offer and can give you that private viewing

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