The shortage of water in Cape Town made headlines earlier this year. However, with the arrival of the rainy season we thought that we would share the latest news and the fact that Cape Town is very much open for business!

As can be seen from the following video link Cape Town has enjoyed some good rainfall, with dam levels already 75% higher than the same time last year. The rainy season is not yet over, and authorities have announced that for 2019 they should be able to ease water restrictions.

Remember that the City Centre, Waterfront and other key tourist areas were always exempt from water cuts as they are crucial contributors to business and employment. In fact, tourism consumes only 1% of Cape Town's water, yet contributes almost 10% to the economy.

It is also a time to congratulate Capetonians on coming together to do their part to save water. The city has cut water consumption by 60% over the past three years, a model the rest of the world can look to emulate.

This has made us all aware that water is a resource that we need to conserve and not waste. We also need to recognise the many efforts by residents, hotels, businesses and the city management to reduce dependency on municipal water. The conversion of some hotel pools to recycle and sea water, collection of rainwater into tanks, usage of grey water to irrigate plants and several desalination plants installed over the past few months all reduce dependency. Many cities around the world are facing similar water shortages and have been watching with keen interest as Cape Town dealt with this crisis. Development and industry does put a strain on water supply and we need to continue to conserve this precious resource.

So when you next enjoy a visit to the mother City, we urge you to think about how you consume water, for example take shorter showers, but please be sure to enjoy our beautiful scenery, food and wine and there is always an ocean swim for those brave enough to try the Atlantic Ocean off Camps Bay Beach.

If you have any questions or concerns about the impact of water on your next event or holiday, please do not hesitate to contact Daryl Keywood, Walthers DBS at