What makes a South African Safari different?

What makes a South African safari experience truly different is the fact that guests enjoy a spectacular game drive in open safari vehicles - all year round.

Safari vehicles are all open, ensuring excellent viewing for each guest, and lodges limit guest numbers per vehicle, enabling everyone to have a great view.

In the private game reserves, vehicles are under permitted to drive off road to follow special or rare animal sightings through the bush. This is carefully managed and controlled of course, with the welfare of the animals and the vegetation being paramount in any situation, but this gives guests a truly thrilling experience, often following a kill through to its inevitable end.

Guests are also able to enjoy walks through the bush, with experienced rangers and trackers leading up to eight guests deep into the veld, to experience the bush in a completely different way.

And imagine enjoying a private massage or spa activity outdoors on the deck of your own personal suite, a light breeze taking the edge off the sunny day, and the sounds of nature providing background music.

Unusual experiences such as Rhino notching and Animal Tracking can be arranged for Incentive groups, creating unique opportunities to enhance an African safari adventure. Special interests are catered for,  such as specially adapted photographic safari vehicles, and one lodge offers a full photographic studio with professional photographer on hand, to help guests make the most of their safari photos. Or how about a special outdoor yoga deck at a lodge, providing a unique environment in which to practice yoga.

Some lodges cater specifically for children, with specially designed Junior Ranger programmes, inspiring a love and fascination with the bush which will endure for a lifetime.

Being in remote areas, safari lodges often lead the field in terms of sustainable practices, with water purification systems, recycling projects, waste management and solar heating and other environmentally friendly processes in place.

A South African safari is often a bucket list experience, and the Walthers team is on hand to ensure a once-in-a-lifetime, never to be forgotten adventure!