After successful years of tourist flights over Africa’s famous Serengeti National Park, the exciting balloon safari excursions have been extended to Ruaha National Park in Southern Tanzania. Serengeti Balloon Safaris had introduced the hot-air balloon flights in Ruaha National Park, now counted among the biggest wildlife protected park in Africa. The new type of hot air tourist safaris were introduced in Tanzania in 1989 with its early morning flights over the plains of the Serengeti National Park and Tarangire Park in northern Tanzania. Flights started in the central Serengeti plains in 1989 and have flown over 250,000 enthralled safari-goers, including most of Tanzania’s celebrity visitors and royalty.


Ruaha is the wildest park in Tanzania with its wide area remained untouched by human hands, other than wild animals which have been given natural rights to occupy this famous park in Africa. The wildlife is abundant in Ruaha and the scenery is spectacular. The park is such an exciting attraction, not only to the Tanzanian residents, but foreign visitors, whose experience in Africa is an essential part of their lives in the developed world.


Ruaha National Park has been combined with Usangu Game Reserve to increase its size by over 22,000 square kilometers, making it the largest National Park in Africa. The park can be reached easily by air and road from Mbeya and Iringa airports. Even more adventurous are the trekking safaris which last for several days. A small group of trekkers start from the base camp with guides and game scouts. In the evening they set up their tents at a scenic spot and move on the following morning.


Occupied with deep pools and swirling waters of the Ruaha River, the park offers best wildlife excursion in Southern Tanzania’s tourist circuit after Serengeti in northern Tanzania. Unlike the northern parks, mass tourism is not observed in Ruaha, and ecologically friendly camps and lodges correlating to nature are the prominent tourist accommodation facilities there. The daily, early morning exciting balloon safaris flight takes up to 12 passengers.