Tanzanite is one of the rarest gemstones in the world, found only in Mererani Area. Tanzanite is said to be 1000 times rarer than diamonds; it is one of the most intriguing and desirable precious gemstones of modern times. 

Each guest receives a drink with one ice cube in. In the middle of the cube stones have been frozen. All stones are of small low value except of one good quality stone of 0,50 carat. The low-quality stones will be of almost the same size as the real one, so one cannot see easily the difference.

We tell the guests why they have only one ice cube in the glass and what will happen. We also tell them that an expert will examine each stone when the ice melts to find the winner. 

Guests enjoy their drinking and impatiently wait for the stone to melt and find out if they are the lucky ones. It takes about 20-30 minutes for this to happen, before the reveal can begin….


Dine under the endless canopy of stars of the African sky. The exceptional setting, resplendent with campfires, fine wine, excellent bush cuisine and attentive staff is hard to beat. The experience of being away from the lights of camp or lodge with wild sounds of the nocturnal creatures at the backdrop is something else to experience, which will feature in the memory of safari. Dinner is usually a traditional BBQ  with some typical African dishes and fruits.


We love beach parties. Being on the beach already encourages people to, forget their cares and the stresses of everyday life, especially when this is under the beautiful stars of the tropical night. We will set up a memorable but casual beach dinner party, with all the necessary trimmings and décor. Under the African sky enjoy local BBQ specialties, seafood, unlimited drinks for 3 hours and music. Let yourself dance and relax, as there is no tomorrow.


Our signature Tanzanite cocktail reception followed by themed dinner.

The colour of Tanzanite is blue, so we are inspired by this to create a memorable welcome event for the guests. The setting and dominant colors will be in Blue. Guests will be welcomed at the hotel gardens by tribal dancers and music. Waiter in blue aprons, will offer to every guest a welcome “Tanzanite” cocktails alcoholic or non, and then the happy hour continues with wine , beer, and soft drinks (hard alcohol drinks are optional). The elaborated buffet dinner will be set at a dining room appropriately decorated. White table cloths with blue runnings, blue covered chairs, blue ribbons covering the ceiling or side walls, blue balloons floating from each table and flower decorations and a DJ will create the right ambiance for celebrating and dancing.