Day 1: Tunis

  • Meet and greet at Tunis airport and transfer to Palais Bayram Tunis 5* (Or similar).
  • Overnight stay on bed & breakfast

           Day 2: Tunis Bardo Carthage Sidi Bou Said

  • After breakfast, you will explore the Tunis Medina World Heritage Site with its narrow streets and the Bardo Museum with its spectacular collection of Roman mosaics, then Carthage which is an extensive archaeological site, located on a hill dominating the Gulf of Tunis and the surrounding plain.
  • You will also see the Tophet, the Punic ports, Antonine Baths, Byrsa Hill, the cisterns, and the Carthage Museum.
  • You will finish with a visit to the delightful hillside town of Sidi Bou Said with its superb views over the Bay of Tunis.
  • Then back to the hotel Palais Bayram 5* with bed & breakfast.

Day 3: Tunis Zaghouan and day in the farm

  • After breakfast, will be the departure to Zaghouan (ancient Ziqua), whose mountain springs were an important water source for Roman Carthage
  • Visit of the Water Temple Ruin - a Roman aqueduct once carrying water from Carthage to the sources of the region Zaghouan.
  • Installation at Dar Zaghouan for dinner and an overnight stay: several rooms stand in the middle of a field of almond trees. At the entrance to the farm, we will find a large flower garden, not far away, two cottages with suites of different styles: the Berber, Bey, the Roman and the Andalusian coexist in a comfortable luxury atmosphere, with furniture and decor of great originality.
  • For dining, organic products are in the spotlight. Proceeds from the collection are used to prepare food fresh, healthy, and tasteful, which also reflect the culinary lifestyle of the different civilizations of the region.

Day 4: On the footsteps of Berbers & Djbel Zaghouan

  • After breakfast, the walk begins with a visit to ‘Djebel Zaghouan’ (Zaghouan Mountain): ideal for practicing mountain activities such as climbing, mountain biking, and trekking.
  • Then visit Takrouna: a village set atop a rocky outcrop on the plains south west of Hammamet, which has always been a prized defensive position. Views from the village over the surrounding area are spectacular.
  • Return to Dar Zaghouan for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 5: Zaghouan Thuburbo Majus & the holly city of Kairouan

  • After breakfast, you head to the smaller yet interesting site of Thuburbo Majus -- one of the best -- preserved sites in Tunisia. It was occupied by the Berbers, Phoenicians, and (in 27 B.C.) the Romans, afterwards converted into one of many Roman garrisons in North Africa.
  • Then travel to the holy city of Kairouan for dinner and your overnight stay at the 5* Kasbah Hotel.

Day 6: Kairouan Sbeitla Tozeur

  • After breakfast, you start the day with a visit to the historic monuments in this ancient city, including the Great Mosque, the Mausoleum of Sidi Sahbi, the Aghlabide pools, and the Medina.
  • Continue to Sbeïtla: It was site of the first major battle between the Muslim armies from the south-east and those of the Byzantines who made the city their headquarters. Since then, the city seems to have led a peaceful life that encouraged its growth and prosperity.
  • Travel south to Tozeur for dinner and an overnight stay at the boutique hotel Dar Saida Baya.

Day 7: Mountain Oasis and Tozeur beautiful Town

  • After breakfast, will be the departure in 4X4 to visit Chebika. It was known as the castle of the sun. We will continue our tour by visiting Tamerza, the largest mountain oases of Tunisia, then visit of the palm grove, the water-fall, and stop by an old village. We will also visit Midès (the most attractive of the Tunisian’s mountain oases with a string of gorges stretching over 3 km, visit of the canyons.)
  • In the afternoon, you have the opportunity to visit the Dar Cheraiet Museum with its collection of traditional costumes and jewelry, and the dates eco-museum Eden Palm and to explore Tozeur’s beautiful old town.
  • Dinner and overnight stay at Dar Saida Baya.

Day 8: Tozeur Metlaoui Gafsa Kairouan Hammamet

  • After breakfast, departure for Metlaoui, where you pick up the Red Lizard train for an unforgettable ride into the Gorges of Selja.
  • Departure to Hammamet via Gafsa and Kairouan
  • Dinner and overnight stay at hotel Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa 5*.

Day 9: Day at Leisure in Hammamet

  • A free day in Hammamet to relax and benefit from the hotel’s facilities: Spa and Thalasso treatments. Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa 5* on half board.
    (Tunisia is No.2 in the World for Thalasso Therapy)

Day 10: Departure Hammamet Tunis

  • Breakfast at hotel and departure transfer to Tunis airport for your return flight.

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