Challenges and Rewards.

How DMC's Meet the Needs of Specialty Groups in Foreign Environments

The Client:A Jewish technological institute with operations in the USA, Israel & China, who have pioneered education in science and technology internationally.

The Programme: The main purpose of this journey was to demonstrate to the donors & delegates, what their campuses across China do, and the business opportunities that the modern, ever growing market of China has to offer. High level site and campus visits were also incorporated into this 16-day journey.

Cities Visited: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Shantou & Zhangjiajie.

How They Travelled: High Speed Rail, Flights, Coaches & Multi purpose vans.

Every group that travels to Mainland China & Hong Kong has specific requirements that need to be met, which benefit from the assistance of a professional DMC on the ground.

In China, cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are considered more "international" and generally boast resources that are more readily available to deal with special requirements. In cities less accustomed to the needs of international travellers, the role of a DMC is crucial. In essence we "bridge the divide" between the local language, culture and resources and the needs of our international guests.

This group, which DC handled from their first steps onto Chinese soil to their departure from Hong Kong, was a classic case study of the need for a professional DMC. All the attendees were Jewish, so there were a variety of specific needs.

In studying the groups make-up and needs, we identified key areas where we would need to be the most vigilant. Areas of need that we identified as ones we would need additional resources to those available in the locations they visited, were Food and Medicine.

Destination China’s Senior Account Manager who managed this group, Mulder Kang explains how he ensured that we were well prepared, regardless of which city they were in. 

"The special part(s) about this group was that we had to ensure meticulous detail to each menu that we organised. We shipped ingredients from Israel, into a variety of Chinese cities to ensure the chefs were working with the correct ingredients. We also flew in a Rabbi, from the USA, who supervised the cooking in the kitchens to ensure proper preparation and food handling techniques.

We also hired speakers, that had background history on and thorough knowledge on not only China, but the Jewish market and requirements. One thing I spent a lot of time on was researching through or partners, what could be provided locally and what needed special sourcing. We tried to source locally if we could, to ensure our clients budget was me.

An equally as important part of the group was the medical supervision that was required. We hired an international doctor that travelled with the group, to not only manage the health & potential risks of the group as a whole, but also the individual medical requirements of certain delegates; such as medications and certain medical conditions”.

In China, the bullet train network criss-crosses the country, connecting cities in one third the time that would have been possible just 5 years ago. It is also a great alternative to Airports and domestic flights. The trains do however, come with it’s challenges. The biggest being luggage. The network is not set-up for large amounts of luggage to be carried on board, so to alleviate this, we had the Lion’s share of the luggage transported by truck from city to city.

Our teams ability to assess areas of need and come up with action plans to mitigate risk ensured the programme ran without a hitch. International DMC’s exist because of our ability to assess and deal with the collective and individual needs of all our groups and travellers.

Our Director of Business Development, Graeson, explains the groups reactions after arriving into Hong Kong from an action packed 16 days in China.

“It’s always a pleasure to meet our guests at the end of a trip, as it allows us to get an insight to the China we know very well, but from a fresh set of eyes. The delegates were all commenting on the abundance of business opportunities in China, and how the entire trip truly opened their eyes. One thing that they mentioned to me time and time again, was our team’s ability to manage their special requirements during this journey and how it’s the small details like this that really make the trip a memorable experience”.

Contact us today to see how we can handle your speciality groups when visiting Mainland China & Hong Kong, and allow us to take the stress off and do the ground work to ensure an uninterrupted success for your next programme.