Unique self-driving experiences in iconic locations across Mainland China...

Destination China has developed a range of unique self-driving experiences to target Car Manufacturers, Promoters and Auto clubs in iconic locations across Mainland China. These road trips offer that incorporate sites of cultural, natural and historic significance as well as a few surprises.

Wall-to-Wall program, Beijing

The Wall-to-Wall program is a one-day programme focused on the rural outskirts of Beijing.
The day starts with a private event on at the Juyonguan or Waterpass sections of the Great Wall, then a self-drive portion on country roads and highways to Mutianyu, for a completely different Wall experience. It continues with lunch in the Schoolhouse (a converted local village school) and a final drive to a Modern Artists Commune at Space 798, for a cocktail drink surrounded by some of China’s best modern artworks.

The two sections of the Great Wall provide the guests with completely different Great Wall experiences. One a Mountain pass, once fortified to protect Beijing from invading forces, the other a long meandering section of the Wall running along mountain ridges offering not just the Great Wall, but amazing scenery and upon arrival. You can climb and walk the wall for an amazing view of the scenery of mountains and valleys.
Include in this the truly unique Schoolhouse project – one that has rejuvenated a local Village and modern art galleries. They were built as munitions factories during the 1950’s by Soviet engineers in China. It gives you have one incredible day with several once in a lifetime experiences.

Ethereal Roads, Yunnan

The South Western provinces of China offer a completely different perspective on China than can be imagined from its cities. These provinces are home to 24 ethnic minorities, amazing mountains and landscape that border the Indochina region and ancient Chinese towns that take you back in time.
This is the setting for the “Ethereal Roads” program. It is a five-day journey from Lijiang & the Tiger Leaping Gorge to Dali and finally Ringha, better known as the mythical land of Shangri-La.

The first day is dedicated to relaxation in order to acclimate to the altitude with a visit to the farmers in Lijiang, who still use sickles to farm their crops and the Old Town.
Lijiang’s Old Town is like a step back in time to cobblestone streets and red-tiled roofs with sweeping eaves.
The following day is an estimated five-hour trip about 150-kilometers out of Lijiang to the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge. A picnic lunch to be enjoyed at the Gorge before returning to Lijiang.

The next day is the drive from Lijiang to Dali, with a driving distance of 200 kilometers,  about six hours, on the roads carry you along mountain ridges and deep valleys.
The final drive is from Dali to Ringha through the mythical land of Shangri-La. The six hours drive is around 200km.
All in all, a great driving experience through a mythical land!

(The option of starting the journey at the Banyan Tree Lijiang and finishing at the Banyan Tree in Ringha offer 2 venues that are as magical as the mountains and scenery that surround them.)

Other Driving Options

Your self-driving tours are not limited to the above programs, as Destination China can also offer other existing driving options, such as a race car experience at the Zhuhai international circuit or 4x4 jeep experiences on Xi’an and Guilin.

Licensing and Vehicles

Licenses for Yunnan, Beijing and Zhuhai can be converted from a delegate’s international driving permit or the license from their valid driving license within 40 days of notice to our Beijing office. This license is only valid for the time they remain in China and will not be valid past their departure date.
All participants must have personal and public liability insurance covered on either their personal medical/ work or travel insurance.
In terms of access to vehicles, there are 2 options:
The first is that the client has access to vehicles in China through their own contact, for instance a Car Manufacturer would require the assistance of their sister company in China to provide vehicles.
Otherwise cars can be hired through international rental services such as Hertz.

Contact Destination China today to see how we can exceed your expectations and take you on the drive of a lifetime, remaining with you for years to come.

For more information, please contact Brian Yin or Gunther Homerlein at china@euromic.com