Driving experiences are enjoyed across the world by groups and individuals and while enthusiasts may enjoy several days of driving, most attendees are happiest with one great day.

Licenses can be attained upon arrival at China’s international gateways making opening up the prospect for self-driving programmes. There are 2 key challenges to driving in China, language and navigational systems.

So how does Destination China make this a fun, easy & memorable day for your guests?

When visiting Beijing your guests will of course expect to visit the Great Wall of China. As the name suggests it covers an enormous amount of Chinese territory and from Beijing there are several sites worth a visit. An ideal scenario for self-driving options.


The Start - Hotel Lobby: The guests come to the lobby in the morning and their cars are waiting for them in the drive. Each with a guide to assist on the journey.

Stop 1: Juyonguan. The First Pass Under the Heavens. This is one of the 3 most significant passes of the Great Wall of China and was called the “throat of Beijing”. It is a built as a fort in the valley that led through the mountains and onto the city of Beijing.

Once there enhance the experience at Juyonguan with something out of the ordinary.

Welcome the guests to the Great Wall with a Lion Dance
Arrange a private breakfast or brunch at or on the Wall
Give the drivers and the passengers a “welcome stretch” with a Tai Chi lesson
Arrange a group shot with cars and the Great Wall as a “backdrop”
Have a drone follow the vehicles as they drive up to the Wall and exit from their vehicles to the lunch venue or tai chi lesson

Stop 2: Mutianyu is the most scenic section of the Great Wall that is within a reasonable distance of the city of Beijing. It snakes across the top of the mountain ridges and offers breathtaking views of the area around it.

From Beijing to Juyonguan, the route will be along the main highway, but from Juyonguan to Mutianyu, the guests can drive along a combination of secondary and “rural roads”. Passing through smaller built up areas, orchards, farms and fish farms, this enables them to see more of the countryside, and get a glimpse of the lives of those living on the periphery of the city of Beijing. These “real life sites” make the drive all that more meaningful.

Before or after their cable car ride to the crest and a walk on Mutianyu, the guests will enjoy lunch at The Brickyard or The Schoolhouse. These community led projects are an old village school and brickyard that have been turned into restaurants and guesthouses. They have a homely feel and the service and approach is warm and friendly.

Stop 3: For something completely different, Space 798. A complete contrast to the rest of the day. Once a struggling artist’s community back in the 1980’s Space 798 is now a thriving hub of modern art, cafes, bars and outlets. Set in the deserted buildings of a former munitions factory complex built during the period of Sino-Soviet cooperation of the 1950’s

Here we find a bar, have a drink and let the guides drive the vehicles back and the guests go home in a coach after a day of great experiences. It is a fulfilling experience for the guests, because they get to “do it themselves” with a little help of course. Great fun, great photo opportunities and great memories.

Longer journeys can also be arranged and enjoyed by enthusiasts. We have developed programmes for private rallies in Yunnan province and 5 day driving journeys from Lijiang to the famed and ethereal Shangri-La. But 1 great day on the road is for most a great option.

Contact us at reservation@destinationchina.com.cn to explore these options for your guests.