Sites that offer unique combinations of cultural, spiritual and inspirational experiences. Classic examples of these include Lhasa, Lijiang, Shangri-La & Qufu (the hometown of Confucius). Either in combination with other places creating contrasting experiences, or as boutique journeys of their own, they provide the option of making your China programme a more ethereal journey for your guests.


Lhasa is often referred to as the “city at the roof of the world” and is home to several sacred sites and temples for Buddhist pilgrims including the Potala Palace, offering breathtaking scenery and a sense of true serenity. A destination deservedly on many people’s Bucket List.
Experience: debating monks, evening prayers, visit local families, create and hang prayer flags, and explore the city on foot and by rickshaw. At 3200m in altitude, your guests need time to acclimatise, so treat the destination as you wish to experience it. As one that requires time and operates to a somewhat more “relaxed” beat.

Access: All flights to Lhasa from major gateways such as Beijing and Shanghai and from other cities in China connect through Chengdu. Another option is the “world’s highest train journey” which is a 2 day train from Beijing or overnight from Qinghai.


Lijiang Old Town and the farming community and villages that surround the city are a step back in time to a rural China that you can envisage when reading the classic “The Good Earth”. With its clear streams, snow-capped mountains & fresh air, it truly lives up to the title of this classic novel.

Lijiang Old Town was listed as a World Cultural Heritages site by UNESCO in 1997. Explore it’s the cobble stone lanes and local shop fronts by foot then visit La Shi Lake, a protected Wetland, for a more tranquil experience. About 2 hours’ drive from Lijiang is one of China’s greatest natural treasures, the Tiger Leaping Gorge.
Breath-taking scenery and the dramatic landscape make this one of the best areas to hike in China. A real “back to nature” experience. The Banyan Tree Resort Lijiang provides a world class facility for MICE groups and luxury travellers while there is also the option of more traditional and rustic stays in the Old Town.

Access: The majority of flights to Lijiang originate in Kunming, one of China’s major capitals which is connected to all other Chinese centres by flights and to some by bullet train.


Like Lijiang, Shangri-La is located in Yunnan province. The name and region were made famous by James Hiltons classic novel, “Lost Horizons”. Providing an escape from the world it is one of the most mystical and intriguing locations in China it offers an opportunity to reconnect both with nature and your inner spirit/self.

Famous for its stunning scenery and natural beauty, it offers amazing hiking and locations to just sit and experience the peace and tranquillity. You can touch, taste, and immerse yourself in the Tibetan (or Yellow Hat Buddhist) culture, prevalent in these parts. Learn to chant and meditate to find your Chi (centre). Explore the stunning monasteries, national parks, and lakes in this truly inspiring destination with us as your guide.

Access: Fly directly into this ethereal location from cities including Kunming, Chengdu, Lhasa, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Beijing and Shanghai.


Just about everyone would have heard the phrase Confucius says…”, but who was he, where did he come from and what made him so crucial to the Imperial Dynasties of China. To find out journey to Qufu in Shandong, the home town of Confucius.

Explore this ethereal ancient town soaking up the culture and tradition, learn to write calligraphy, wonder the streets and peak inside the temples. See where Confucius was born and learn about the history and significance of Confucianism in China.
 With Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts having opened a 5-star property here, it opens up the options for international MICE groups and luxury journeys

Access: Connected to Beijing and Shanghai by high speed train and flights. Beijing -5.5 hours by rain or a 2 hours by plane and Shanghai - 6 hours by train or a 2 hour flight).

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