Globally both for small meetings, leisure groups and individual travellers there is a constant search for getaways that give their guests the opportunity to "escape from the hustle and bustle" of the world they live in. In recent years, China has seen the development of world-class resorts and getaways that can compete with the best anywhere in the world, so we thought we'd explore a few for you. The Chinese say that once you've ascended the peaks of Huangshan (The Yellow Mountains), you'll never want to climb another mountain.

In Huangshan, you can find the Banyan Tree, Huangshan Resort and Spa, and Libre Resorts properties. Beautiful authentic venues that give one a sense of a time long past. A serenity only found in places that tie you to the past while living very much in the modern world in terms of comforts and facilities. Here in Huangshan your guests can paraglide over ancient villages or just simply stroll the streets of the UNESCO Heritage listed area, soaking in the laid back village lifestyle.

In "Shangri-La", the region made famous by James Hilton in Lost Horizons and from whom the Shangri-La Group of hotels took their name, you find escapes that allow the guests to enjoy the serenity of a Buddhist Temple in the upmost of luxury. Banyan Tree and Shangri-La both have facilities here. Guest can choose to spend their time unwinding from the world, enjoying beautiful views and serene surroundings. Or they can take advantage of the terrain and do hikes both leisurely and strenuous on paths walked by pilgrims and local farmers for millennia.

Last but not least on the West Lake in Hangzhou, enjoy the world class Four Seasons and the Banyan Tree Hangzhou. These resorts are located closer to the city, so guests can enjoy all the pleasure and fun of one of China's most vibrant centres of culture and which was historically the summer resort for the rich and famous, while also feeling a world away when you're inside the resorts. This unique factor allows us to please all your guests.

"China isn't just big cities, amazing monuments and historical masterpieces, it is a vast country with just as vast a number of opportunities for travel and enjoyment. These resorts are just part of the puzzle that makes up Amazing China" - Gunther Homerlein, GM & Co Owner of Destination China

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