When the day is done, the night starts…

Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong all take on a different personality and really come to life at night. Join the party in these amazing World Cities. 

18:26    Beijing: A Drink at Mao's Chief.
This theme restaurant is run by the grandson of the renowned Chef Cheng who used to cook for Chairman Mao in the 1950s to 1960s. A great place for a drink in nostalgic surrounds before dinner. The restaurant holds events featuring menus of historical nights, where guests can enjoy a meal identical to one that Mao once shared with President Nixon in 1972. Everything in the bar and restaurant, right down to the staff uniforms, remain historically accurate.

18:28     Shanghai: Sunset on the Bund
While the Bund parties till the wee hours of the morning, there is nothing better than to watch the sunset on the contrasting skylines of Pudong and Puxi. There are dozens of bars and spots along the Bund, but the best place to see this, is looking down the river from on high. Vue on the top floor of Hyatt on the Bund. Great cocktails and innovative bar food. You’ll want the sun to stay up that few minutes longer.

18:30     Hong Kong: Aqua Luna Harbour Cruise
While in China they are enjoying drinks at Mao's Chief and sneaky snacks at VUE while the sun sets, in Hong Kong there is no better way to enjoy this time of day than on the Harbour riding on the Aqua Luna. No event or set-up can beat the view of Hong Kong from the middle of Victoria Harbour. Simply spectacular and a great way to watch Hong Kong go from Day to Night.

21:46    Beijing: Rooftop Bars
After Mao's Chief, continue the "theme" and expand the horizon. There is no better way to do that then to enjoy a drink at MO Bar, Beijing's premier rooftop bar. Right in the heart of Beijing on the 5th floor above the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Wangfujing, visitors enjoy a 270 degree view of this great city from the superb outdoor terrace. This includes the iconic Forbidden City at night… on clear nights it seems there are lights stretch as far as the eye can see. 

21:48    Shanghai: Craft Breweries
Shanghai boasts a number of top quality microbreweries and craft beers venues pandering to city folks' thirst for beer. The Shanghainese love for beer is recognized by the many beer-related events held in this city including The China Craft Beer Conference & Exhibition, Shanghai Beer Week and Beernanza festival. Try one of our favourites, The Liquid Laundry. With up to 15 beers on tap, of which about half are local brews and with additional brews "on the card", you can't go wrong. Not a beer drinker? A good range of house wines and cocktails and great pub food are also available. And of course a great atmosphere.

21:50    When in Hong Kong… LKF
Lan Kwai Fong or LKF has been Hong Kong's premier Bar District for more than 25 years and the party has never stopped. 7 days a week from early evening to early morning there is always something happening here and something for everyone. Rooftop - Ce La Vi, Beer - Hong Kong Brewery, International Brand - Hard Rock Café, Great Music - any number of bars. Friendly, busy, atmospheric and great fun. This is arguably Asia's most iconic bar district.

Set yourself up for the next day at

23:56    Shanghai: Rooftop Bars or Clubs… or both.    
You saw the Bund from up high, now come down (not quite to earth) and enjoy one of the great rooftop bars along the Bund. But don't limit yourself to just one… Start with a drink on the Rooftop of Roosevelt's. If you are wine lover, then you have one of the best collections here. Otherwise, beer, cocktail, champagne or a reviving water… Then wander down the Bund to Bund 18 (about 7 minutes) and party on at Bar Rouge. Always great DJ's and the barmen are really showmen. 

If you've "had enough of the Bund". Then head to MINT's. Our favourite clubs. Walking past the Shark Tank to get in is the start of the experience. Inside the option of club or bar. The music goes on… as long as you do. A favourite for concert after parties so you never know who you might meet here. Our owner Gunther "caught up with" John Legend there one night (or so he tells us). Party On. 

23:58    Continue to Party or Chill Out
To Chill. Janes & Hooch. Voted one of the Top 50 Cocktail Bars in the world when it opened in 2017 is still going strong and continually creating. An amazing range of classic, quirky and very very easy to drink cocktails make it very hard to choose from. Our suggestion. Experiment first and finish with a favourite.

And if you want to PARTY Gongti (Worker's Stadium) is the place to go. With at least 10 nightclubs to pick from. We suggest Vic's or Mix. Both have a mix of great local and international DJ's playing all the latest sounds. Full every night of the week with over 1500 party goers. The atmosphere is electric. So just enjoy.

00:00    The Witching Hour in Hong Kong
Walk on the Wild Side in Wyndham Street. We are making this easy for you. It is just 5 minutes' walk uphill from LKF. The question is which Club do you go to? Dragon-i is a HKG institution, Tazmanian Ballroom is a great fun club and then there is Volar and Salas and so many more. Try one, try all. See which ones music and style fit your mood. 

If you want chillax. One of our absolute favourite "hole in the wall" bars is JaaBar. Hidden in a little alley off Hollywood Road. If you need to stay awake, then the Espresso Martini is the best in town. This is a place for classic cocktails, relaxed conversation and the pleasure of enjoying the feeling that you'd found a hidden gem… it kind of tingles right and makes for a great "Facebook or Instagram Post".