India is more than the Taj Mahal....

Today we find more and more clients are asking for something different. A new or unique experience that their group members would not have expected. Something off the beaten track. India for most is the Taj Mahal. Its forts and palaces; maharajas and elephants. As much amazing cultural experiences we have, our diversity in product often gets overlooked.

Wildlife and Safari travel has always been a strong high value product in the global travel industry, including incentive travel. South Africa and Kenya have had the lion share of this high end market. It is however a fact that when the average traveller and seller of travel thinks of wildlife, they think only of Africa. Not so much of India.

But did you know that with only 2% of the earth’s land mass, India accounts for 10% of the wildlife?

  • Did you know, India has the majestic power of the tiger, the stealth of the leopard, the roar of the lion, these are just three of the 15 cat species to be found in India. Africa has only 10 Wildcat species.
  • India has 50% of the world’s bear species. Africa has none.
  • Our Deer variety far outstrips the African continents only Antelope species.
  • We have mega fauna including wild elephant, rhino, wild water buffalo and gaur. Striped Hyena, Fox and Wolves
  • We have the Hoolock Gibbon, the only Ape to be found in the subcontinent.
  • India has 270 species of snakes including the King Cobra, the largest venomous snake in the world; over 1250 species of birds and over 870 endemic species.

In India you can see wildlife on a Camel Safari, Walking Safari, Night Safari, Elephant Safari and of course in a Jeep Safari.

This comparison does not mean to disparage the African continent in any way, for each has its own charm. But the USP of a destination like India is in its ability to create diversity on the same trip. In India we offer an amazing opportunity not to only see the magnificence of the Taj Mahal, do a grand gala dinner at a real palace but also absorb in a wildlife experience like no other. India allows you the opportunity to create more than one extreme highlight on the same program.

We have within our company a super specialist team at JungleSutra Wildlife Journeys ( that helps create the most amazing wildlife experience in South Asia. From Tiger Safaris, leopard spotting to the ultimate Snow Leopard expedition, we have added a new dimension to travel in India. With this team we are truly able to offer you something very different, very unique and very once in a lifetime.

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