Bollywood is the term popularly used for the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai. Bollywood movies are full of colour, dramatic statements and are a musical extravaganza.

Bollywood themed nights are exactly the same: the props are bright, and the area is filled with rich colours. There are colourful dancers and traditional Indian music.

An evening to remember is waiting in our world of the City Palace. Here is how the glamour and the colour and the sound of Bollywood breaks down when it comes to the perfect incentive evening end:


  • The palace was constructed by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. As most structures in Jaipur this palace also reflects the fusion of Mughal and Rajput architecture.
  • The City Palace complex is spread over a large area occupying one seventh of the old city of Jaipur.
  • It has a sequence of gardens, buildings and courtyards, temple and museum to give it a grand view that reflects its historical importance and magnificent royal grace.


  • The guests will arrive through the Tripolia Gate – an entrance is otherwise used exclusively only by the Royal Family Members and their close friends.



  • With the entire Palace Illuminated beautifully, 6 to 8 dancers welcome the group near Mubarak Mahal alongside elephants, horses and Camels all lined up too.
  • As guests enter the main Palace through the Rajendra Pol, girls in traditional attire will shower the rose petals from the Jharokhas
  • The all-important red carpet will be laid down from Hathi gate to Sarvato-Bhadra staircase to be met by girls in Traditional Rajasthani costumes, draping our guest with garlands
  • Then the guest will hand be handed those as important welcome drinks.
  • The welcome drinks reception will last for 10 to 15 minutes
  •  The animals in the form of 2 elephants, 4 horses, and 4 camels will take a round of the Sarvato – Bhadra to provide the entertaining backdrop to the drinks reception, before
  • Making the way into the private residence of the Royal family, crossing the Khaasa gate and in to Pritam chowk (Dancing Courtyard).



  • The chance now to be a true star of the Bollywood elite and use different props to get photos papped at the Photobooth.



  • To a backdrop of posters, star images and signs from the great Bollywood classics, settled down to tables and to be entertained by the Dance troupe’s Bollywood performance.


  • Bollywood dance numbers with a mix of retro and modern dances.
  • There will be 5 performances of 4-5 minutes each by the Dance troupe.
  • The dancers will also invite the guests on the floor to join them
  • They will also teach the guests Bollywood dance steps.



  • Guests enjoy dinner while watching the performances.
  • After the final performance the dance floor will be open for the guests.