Nepal is a country of sublime beauty, tucked away in the shades of the highest mountain range in the world, often called the "last paradise" on earth. But apart from its popular trekking trails and the ethereal beauty of Kathmandu, there are many unique experiences one can take back home from here. From meeting a "living goddess" to partaking in the most extreme zip lining in the world, here are some of the once-in-a-lifetime experiences you will only find in Nepal!

For the Spiritually Inclined

1. Experience life in a monastery

Monastic life often appears mysterious and intriguing to outsiders. Neydo Monastery, less than hour's drive from the heart of Kathmandu, encourages visitors to experience a day in the monastery to better understand and appreciate the Kagyu and Nyingma traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Participate in the day's activities or take a private class with a Khenpo (abbot and teacher) in Buddhist philosophy or meditation.

2. Meet a "living goddess"

In the Newari community of Nepal, young prepubescent girls are worshipped as manifestations of the divine female energy. These "living goddesses", called Kumaris, are believed to have special powers of foresight and healing. Revered by both Hindus and Buddhists alike, the people of Newar believe that the divine leaves a Kumari's body once puberty hits, and then a new Kumari is chosen. You can interact with her family to get insights into the culture and take a photo alongside the bejeweled Kumari, dressed in festive red with traditional makeup and a striking third eye on her brow.

3. See a "witch doctor"

Although Nepal has progressed in modern medicine in a substantial way, traditional doctors called Shamans are still very popular. If you are in Pokhara, paying a visit to a local Shaman is one experience you don't want to miss. Natives believe shamans have magical powers to cure illness, a faith that is magnified in many remote villages where their practices help the communities living far away from any other medical facilities. Associated with divine power and spirituality, a shamanic ritual usually accompanies trance, fireballs and hot coals!

For the adrenaline junkies

1. Beat the rapids

Trishuli is one of the most popular rivers for rafting in Nepal, offering plenty of excitement for first-time rafters. Due to its proximity to Kathmandu and easy road access, the Trishuli is a popular choice for rafting in the country. Drive down from Kathmandu to Charudi, approximately 3 to 4 hours away, to begin your adventure on the rapids. The ride lasts for about 2 hours, going through scenic gorges and exciting stretches. Stop for lunch at the Riverside Resort by the river, where you can change and freshen up after the ride.

2. Talk to Everest summiteers

Hear the riveting stories of daredevils who made their way up the highest peak in the world! Mountaineers talk about their experience and offer their technical knowledge of climbing as well as the inspiring attraction of the high mountains. Women summiteers will tell their stories of ascent on Mt. Everest and present their techniques and tips through a presentation that usually lasts a little above an hour.

3. Bungee in the Himalayas

With a vertical drop of 70 meters, Nepal's first Bungee tower is set amidst the rolling hills of the Himalayas. Dive into the lush green landscape interspersed with meandering rivers below. HighGround Bungee is located a convenient 20 minutes from Pokhara Lakeside.

World's most extreme zip line!

Experience the rush of extreme zip lining, the first of its kind in Asia, with ZipFlyer Nepal - the world's steepest, fastest and longest Zip line. At 56% incline, 1.8km in length and 2000 feet vertical drop, a ride of this magnitude has never been built before. Featured on the Discovery channel, Gizmodo, Gadling, Daily Mail, boingboing, Right This Minute and many more; this extreme zip line is a must for adventure junkies!

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