Gyeongju has a variety of options of unique venues for special social events, such as museums, art galleries, theme parks, and performance halls. (only 2.5 hours by hi express train from Seoul)

Here are Gyeongju's unique venues for social events such as a standing party or a dinner party with the distinctive flavor of Gyeongju's history, culture and atmosphere.


Convention Center

HICO - where BC 57 historical noble spirit Venue.
HICO is a premier convention center offering a beautiful venue for an efficient and successful convention.
HICO’s professional staff help our clients make their visions into reality with productivity and creativeness.


Gyeongju offers excellent accommodations with a wide variety to suit any clients’ needs. Accommodations range from: luxury hotels, business hotels, condominiums, corporate training centers, traditional houses to camping sites. There are 4,232 rooms available in 21 hotels, condominiums and corporate training centers around HICO, which is the Convention center. The variety of the accommodations, including traditional houses, camping sites, caravans, guests, houses and college dormitories, offers visitors with not only sufficient accommodations but a special experience in Korea.

Unique Venues

- Gyeongju East Palace Garden
- Gyeongju Arts Center
- Gyeongju Tower
- Expo Park Culture Center
- Silla Millenium Park
- Hanhwa Gyeongju Resort


The old sayings, “Sah-sah-seong-jahn” and “Tahp-tahp-ahn-haeng” mean: “the temples are scattered like stars in the sky” and “the pagodas line up like flocks of geese”. The phrase from The Heritage of the Three States shows extravagance and prosperity of the Silla Dynasty. As the capital of ancient Silla for 992 years, from BC 57 to AD 935, Gyeongju still preserves the liveliness of Buddhism, science, artistry and the spirit of Hwarang of the ancient country.

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