• After over two months without a single local COVID-19 transmission, the government relaxed its epidemic control measures so all local meetings can proceed without any restrictions 

  • Taiwan has planned to open travel from countries with minimal virus spread to create “travel bubbles” in the future

  • All attractions are open and ready to receive inbound groups when the international travel restrictions are lifted

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  • Apart from the majority of Han Chinese, Taiwan is home to 16 officially recognized indigenous tribes, each with distinct culture and language. According to scientific studies, Taiwan is the place where most of the Austronesian peoples can trace their origins to.
  • Taiwan is the producer of world’s best high-mountain oolong teas, famous for their silky-smooth mouthfeel, and farmed on the steep slopes of our Central Mountain Range.

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  • Taipei is surrounded by mountains full of easily accessible hikes and hidden waterfalls – even more accessible and easy to find with us at Taiwanlook
  • Two luxury Hyatt brands - Park Hyatt and Andaz – will take the front stage in Taipei Sky Tower, a stylish new landmark in the bustling center of the city and the second tallest building after the lofty Taipei 101
  • Taiwan is a perfect destination for smaller groups looking for authentic, tailor-made experiences and encounters with friendly locals

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  • At Taiwanlook we’ve used the downtime in the global business travel to train our operations staff, ensuring our clients will enjoy the best possible service when visiting Taiwan
  • Together with our AV arm, we have improved our virtual meeting capability and are now able to deliver the best quality of both virtual and hybrid experiences available on the market

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