After being voted "the best place to live for expats" by InterNations - the world's largest online expat community - it's now time to prove that Taiwan is also the best for another demographic: meeting planners.

Taiwan is surfing the wave of great publicity, scoring online accolades for being the world’s best food destination, enjoying one of the best public healthcare systems, and easily securing majority of the expat votes, who named it the world’s best place to live. So why not take advantage of the legendary Taiwanese hospitality and choose this subtropical island as your next meeting destination?
Here are some reasons why we think it is a great idea:

1. Easy access

Being located in the heart of East Asia, Taiwan is a perfect gateway to the continent. Strategic location means that there are numerous direct flights from locations across the globe, including Europe and both East and West Coast of the USA.
Traveling across the island is a breeze too. The High Speed Rail train covers the distance of 345 kilometers between the two largest cities in just 96 minutes. Not a small feat, even for an improved version of the Japanese Shinkansen. You can even enjoy the smooth, super-fast ride for just a fraction of the price.

2. Cost-effective

With the increasing number of clients admitting that cost is a major factor when choosing their meeting location, Taiwan seems like an obvious choice.
According to cvent’s City Guide, average meal cost in Taipei is 20% lower than in the region’s other MICE destinations like Seoul or Singapore. Average room rate at a MICE hotel in Taipei is over two times lower than the one in Hong Kong!

3. World class venues and hotels

Having over 400 MICE quality hotels on hand gives you all the necessary space to accommodate your guests in style! Plenty of international brands like Grand Hyatt, W or Mandarin Oriental have their branches in Taiwan. In addition, all the local hotel chains proudly provide service of the same world-class quality.

4. One of the region’s strongest economies

Being the world’s leader in IT, communications, semiconductor and even bicycle industry gives Taiwan a base to grow its MICE operations. Computex, the world’s leading B2B ICT/IoT (Internet of Things) trade show is a great example of how even the biggest of events can be organized in this small island country.

5. It’s safe

With political and humanitarian crisis having constant presence throughout the last decade, Taiwan manages to stay under the radar and avoid the turmoil threatening other destinations. This modern democracy, which is an example to other Asian countries has one of the lowest crime indexes and has a very welcoming and liberal population.

6. There’s so much to do!

Whether it’s a corporate meeting, a conference or incentive, you will never run out of things to do in Taiwan. Shrimp fishing, river tracing or playing ancient instrument: these are just a few of countless exciting activities you might experience on the island. Team building games, cultural events and adrenaline driven excursions are all are possible adventures!

7. It’s beautiful too!

With 70% of the country covered in mountainous jungle it’s easy to get yourself lost in Taiwan’s natural beauty. The highest peak, Jade Mountain is almost 4000m tall, but you don’t need to climb that high to feel like you arrived in the forgotten continent. Just outside Taipei there are countless ridges and valleys, each of them covered in lush, verdant forests and home to numerous species of wildlife.

8. Taiwan is a product of 3 amazing cultures

You have probably heard Taiwan boast about having the largest collection of Chinese artifacts in the world. If not, you better believe it!
Contrary to the mainland China, the ancient culture is still very much alive here. You can still witness the Taoist rituals, mediums being possessed by gods and demons, and get your fortune read by a bird. However Chinese culture is just a part of Taiwanese identity. One hundred years of Japanese occupation are ingrained in Taiwanese: the love for ramen and hot springs culture. And let us not forget about the first inhabitants of the island – the indigenous Austronesian tribes, who constitute 2% of the general population, and are still using their language and cultivating their culture.

9. It’s so convenient

Taiwan takes pride in having the biggest ratio of convenience stores per capita in the world. It’s not uncommon to see two of them on the opposite corners of the street, with three more flashing their signs down the road.
Everything is effortless in Taiwan: the traveling, with the state-of-the-art bullet train and comprehensive public transport system; the food arrangements, with the staggering number of affordable street food and gourmet restaurants alike. Finding accommodation is not a problem, with endless choice of business and luxury hotels.

All this makes it a breeze to organize an event here.
But don’t take our word for it – send us and RFP and see for yourself!

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