Cloud Gate Dance Theater is one of the Beautiful Island’s national treasures – some even call it “the pinnacle of Taiwanese culture”.
A brain child of Lin Hwai-min, it has been the first contemporary dance troupe founded in Taiwan, or even in the greater Chinese-speaking community.

Experience the magic of Cloud Gate during a private dance masterclass.

To understand the scale on which Cloud Gate is revered by Taiwanese society, one must take part in one of their summer shows each of which attracts crowds reaching 30,000 people.
These annual performances, free to the public, are being held at Liberty Square, surrounded by iconic facades of National Concert and Theatre Halls, with Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall towering besides the main stage.
These shows are a way the troupe says “thank you” to the continuous support it receives from Taiwanese society, especially after catastrophic fire, which consumed the company’s former home in the coastal city of Bali.

Thanks to millions of dollars in donations, from the smallest collected in rural schools, to 5-milion dollar gift from the Chicago-based Alphawood Foundation, Cloud Gate could move into a brand new multifunctional complex, designed by celebrated Taiwanese architect Huang Sheng-yuan. This beautifully located structure is a spectacular sight, surrounded by trees as well as an almost century-old Taiwan’s first Golf Country Club, and overlooking historical Hobe Fort.

What makes the troupe truly unique is the genius of Lin Hwai-min himself, who combined western dance techniques with Chinese internal martial arts Qi Gong, calligraphy and local folklore. Cloud Gate performances are also influenced by elements borrowed from other Asian cultures, such as meditation. With all these local and foreign influences, Cloud Gate remains inherently Taiwanese, offering a window into the modern Taiwanese soul.

Despite being idolized by the society, Lin Hwai-min and the troupe stay true to their humble beginnings. In the spirit of true Taiwanese hospitality they welcome all our foreign guests to take part in a mobility routine conducted by one of the veteran performers. Through this exclusive glimpse into Cloud Gate dancers’ training process guests may experience the troupe’s art first hand and learn about philosophy behind each move.

Can you imagine a better way to integrate the team than through practice of the very same techniques that shaped the legendary dance troupe?

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