After the sunset, Taipei shines like a jewel glimmering at night. Famous for its street food, the city offers a dazzling array of olfactory experiences at its countless night markets. Often considered the night market capital of the world, Taipei takes the late-night eating out to the next level. Not only a culinary affair, a visit at a Taiwanese market is also a bewildering carnival full of games, shopping, and unexpected discoveries. To guide our guests along the bustling alleys of the city’s best markets, we designed an activity which not only lets them merely have a taste of local delicacies but truly experience the night market the way the locals do. Each group navigates through the alleys and curated food stalls with a guarantee of experiencing the absolute best of Taipei’s night market offerings in a fun and engaging way. It’s a complete night safari of food, fun, and games. There is simply no better way of introducing your guests to the rich culture of Taiwanese street food.

Nightlife in Taipei is not limited to the pavement level. Besides the gourmet street food, the capital of Taiwan will treat you with some stunning views of its modern skyline and surrounding mountains. So why not join us for a night of carefree fun on one of the rooftops of the city’s posh Xinyi district? Party like a rock star in the wildest clubs, right next to the towering Taipei 101 – the 508 meters tall city landmark. If you are hungry for more excitement we can also help you secure the space at the venues at the tallest floors of that iconic building. From this lofty vantage point, the whole city spreads out in all directions and its twinkling lights present an alluring spectacle. If you know where to look, Taipei is the ultimate party place where the vibe is fresh and the night is always young.

Surprisingly, right next to this bustling city it’s easy to find countless spots where you can find peace and serenity. The forest-covered the mountains around Taipei creep deep into the city have a wealth of hiking trails which take you above the skyline. Apart from the gorgeous views, it gives you the unique opportunity to get a glimpse of the nocturnal animals in their natural habitat. The hiking trails are easy to walk and mostly paved, making it a safe and hassle-free excursion. Just by looking around the trail you may find a variety of owls, flying squirrels, lizards, and amphibians. A city night hike is the best way to spot these elusive creatures without having to step outside of your comfort zone.

Whichever way you want to experience Taipei, there is always more waiting around the corner. Whether it’s a posh celebration or a night market adventure you can always count on the city to surprise you with new things to do after sunset.