Not many people know that over 70% of Taiwan’s area consists of mountains and thick forests, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

The island's rugged East Coast is home to the descendants of indigenous tribes and one of the most dramatic landscapes in East Asia. It's a perfect destination for incentive planners looking for unforgettable experiences and anyone who wants to add a hint of excitement to their meetings.

Here are some snapshots of activities perfect for an adventure-hungry group:

1 River tracing

First developed in Japan, river tracing is a combination of hiking, bouldering and climbing along the river canyon. Available in many places around Taiwan, it requires a basic level of fitness and is a perfect chance to cool off during the hot summer months.

2 Visiting Indigenous Tribe Village

Experience the genuine hospitality of the Ta-Ya indigenous tribe while learning about sustainable ways by which the ancient cultures may survive in the modern world.

3 Rafting with Amis Tribe

Learn how to set shrimp traps, throw fishing nets and make a river-side hot pot from the hunters of Amis tribe. All that while enjoying a leisure rafting session along the Tropic of Cancer

4 East Coast Yacht Cruise

Follow the jagged cliffs of Qingshui and marvel at the tall mountains dropping straight into the azure waters of the Pacific Ocean. Swim and paddle to your heart's content, or just relax while sipping on a complimentary welcome drink.

5 Exploring Taroko Gorge

This breathtaking valley has been carved by the relentless Liwu river shaping the walls made of pure marble. Hike along the winding road and explore its mysterious tunnels or take one of the hikes leading to picturesque waterfalls.

The wild side of Taiwan awaits you!