Known as “the beautiful island,” Taiwan has an amazing mixture of breathtaking natural landscapes, mouthwatering international cuisines, and unique cultural offerings. In just an hour drive, visitors can go from lively city for social events and shopping, to stunning countryside for relaxation.

“Scenery of Fascinating Mountains and Waters”

As Taiwan is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the sweet-potato-shaped country is famous for fascinating mountains and waters. Known as a tea empire, Taiwan has the perfect topography and climate for growing tea plants. Research shows that drinking tea can actually help improving health, so next time when you are in Taiwan, don’t forget to enjoy a cup of hot tea that warms your heart. Another not-to-be-missed activity to enjoy here is to relax in hot springs since high-temperature springs with crystal-clear water is produced by the natural environment.

Attractions: Qingshui Cliff, Qixingtan Beach, Hot Spring in Beitou, Hot Spring in Jiaoxi

More than 530,000 indigenous people in 16 tribes

The Taiwanese indigenous people, inhabitants whose ancestor may have been living on the island before the 17th century, create an important part of the unique Taiwanese culture. There are approximately 26 known languages of the Taiwanese aborigines which act as a unique historical significance. Nowadays, visitors can still experience the aboriginal culture by visiting the charming indigenous villages in the mountains.

Attractions: BulauBulau, Milingan

The mixed Taiwanese culture was influenced
by the Chinese, Japanese and Westerners

Taiwan has a rich history as the country was colonized by different countries. That said, its culture is influenced on the religion, art, architecture of the island. Many of the historical buildings are still welcoming visitors, which become an excellent way for us to study the history.

Attractions: National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Dadaocheng, Jinguashi Crown Prince Chalet

The country is full of creativity

Lots of exhibitions and performances happen in the country every day, which brings us amazing opportunities to be innovative. To further develop the cultural and design industry, different platforms are provided with the government’s support. Not to mention that a lot of renowned artists and designers are originally from Taiwan.

Attractions: Huashan1914 Creative Park, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, The Pier-2 Art Center

More than 38,000 Taiwanese Animal Species

There is a list of endemic species living in the island of Taiwan including mammals, birds, amphibians, etc. The country is also known as the kingdom of butterflies as there are nearly 400 species of butterflies due to the island’s diverse environment.

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