Have you ever dreamed of a truly unique encounter with a living culture?
We would like you to meet a rebellious Guqin Master, who now carries the torch of the great scholars of old.

Growing up with the love to rock music (to the point of being a part of an acclaimed rock trio) and inspired by songs like California Dreaming, he followed his dreams to study in the USA.

Ironically that’s where he fell in love with Guqin – one of the oldest Chinese instruments. This ancient zither’s history spans over 3,000 years. No wonder it is often called “the father of all Chinese instruments”.

The instrument’s cultural impact is broadly recognized - a recording of “Flowing Water” played on Guqin has been included in the “Golden Record” containing music from all around the world, which was sent into outer space on board Voyager I and II spacecraft.

Our hero swapped leather jackets for long robes, tied his hair into a tidy bun, and over the years grown a long beard. His musical journey of self-discovery sent him across the globe, back to Taiwan and mainland China, where he lived with the monks in Laoshan Mountains, studying the ancient Chinese philosophy.

Since Guqin is regarded to be an instrument of scholars, attributed especially to Confucius, there is a special aura surrounding the wooden zither. Staying true to this sentiment, our protagonist mastered the art of calligraphy, Chinese floral arrangement, and also studied tea and its brewing ceremony. His rebellious rock & roll nature has nonetheless prevailed, which he underscores saying that under any robe there’s always a pair of jeans.

For all groups wishing to dive head-first into the 5,000 years of Chinese culture, Guqin is a great takeoff. The beauty and serenity of ancient melodies are sure to put your mind at ease.
Smaller groups can sample Guqin art at a historical location of old Japanese-era house. Wooden structure and tatami mats are perfect for taking in the music and participating in tea ceremony.
Larger groups can meet our Guqin Master and his instrument collection offsite, in any location around Taipei.

For more information, please contact Mr. Jason Yeh at taiwan@euromic.com