The exhibition center is fully equipped to host exhibitions, fairs, conferences and symposiums, corporate events and sporting events.

The organizers and participants will have access to a wide array of facilities -
Assembling and dismantling of stands with all necessary communications
Rental of conference rooms
Audio & video equipment
International telephone and facsimile communications and Wi-Fi connectivity
The latest security and fire safety systems
Advertising opportunities
Cargo handling and rigging work


Biggest hall:
Theatre 2250 pax
Banquet 1600 pax

Total capacity: 3200 pax

New MO Museum opens its doors in Vilnius

Designed by the renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, the museum stands on the site of the legendary former Lietuva Cinema and is home to some 5,000 works of contemporary Lithuanian artists from the 1960s till date. As museum founder, Viktoras Butkus maintains the MO Museum is an institution that both invites visitors to discover a unique collection of work while challenging them to engage directly with the world of art. "I am really happy that we finally have crossed the finish line, but I also understand that the most important work is still ahead of us. We want the museum to be alive, so for that reason we will do our best to attract visitors. And not only for one visit, but for regular visits," remarks Butkus.

Now that the MO Museum is officially a place for art, aesthetics and inspiration, everyone will have the opportunity to visit it for exhibitions, film screenings, open lectures, concerts and a range of other cultural events.

Spectacular venue set to open in Tallinn!

The former submarine shipyard Noblessner is the fastest developing and thus the most interesting area in Tallinn today. Situated next to the trendy Kalamaja district and the renowned Seaplane Harbour, Noblessner echoes with sounds of drilling and hammering.

Noblessner Shipyard and Foundry.

One of the largest historical industrial buildings in Tallinn is located in Noblessner - the Noblessner Shipyard and Foundry. The history of Noblessner dates back to 1912 when Imperial Russia's principal submarine shipyard was established by two St. Petersburg businessmen - Europe's biggest oil magnate Emanuel Nobel and Arthur Lessner, owner of the G.A. Lessner Machine & Boiler works.

Venue is going to be open in October 2019.

Capacity :

*Big Hall - 1256 m 2/ reception - 500 pax, round tables - 200pax

*Blackbox - 642 m 2/ reception- 800 pax, round tables- 500pax

*Conference room - 266 m 2

*Classroom - 35 m 2