• The Baltic States are already welcoming visitors from most European Union countries with low levels of new coronavirus cases – with no self-isolation upon arriving needed! AirBaltic, Lufthansa, Finnair and Wizz Air are already flying to the Baltic capitals and we are positive that more airlines will join soon.

PIC 1 rigaPIC 1 riga

  • Baltic countries are some of the safest summer destinations in Europe. Having successfully contained the spread of coronavirus, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have been the first European countries to open their internal borders and among the first ones to welcome international travelers.
  • With relatively low population density, you will feel safe here. The streets of our cities are never too crowded, while at the same time all the cafes, bars and museums are open so nothing can stop you from having an awesome time here!
  • The Baltic coastline spans for more than 4500 kilometers – plenty of room to find your quiet space at the soft sandy beach.

PIC 2 dunesPIC 2 dunes

  • In recent years we’ve seen a growing interest in USSR-themed experiences. And we have plenty of things to provide to “Soviet nostalgia” hunters – from underground bunkers and Chernobyl TV series filming locations to a tour to a real decommissioned nuclear power plant.
  • Vilnius is one of a few European cities where you can take a hot air balloon ride and even have a fancy dinner in it. Through years the floating "sky lanterns" became one of the unofficial symbols of the city.
  • Here you can have a chance to see a real bog and even go bog-shoeing – an unforgettable slow travel experience. And there’s more – the forests, lakes, waterfalls and other hidden travel gems and untouched nature reserves for your safe, meaningful and authentic Baltic experience.

PIC 3 bogPIC 3 bog

  • The Baltic States can surprise you with the range of unique and unusual places to stay. Did you know that you can rent a whole private island with a lighthouse in Estonia?
  • Just before the lockdown Baltic Travel Group has celebrated its 20th anniversary! This has been a journey of a lifetime for us, and though the current situation is unfortunate for the travel industry, we have big plans for the future.
  • We’ve spent the lockdown working from home, attending trainings and broadening our knowledge, actively taking part in webinars and discussions with other tourism professionals from around the globe.
  • We have been actively working as members of local travel and tourism associations to help governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania shape their tourism industry support programs.
  • During the lockdown we’ve introduced a new product – a solution for bringing conferences online, and already held a couple of large virtual events.
  • And of course, we’ve been freshening up and updating our list of interesting locations, team building activities, creating new exciting programs, introducing health & safety policy and checking up with our suppliers – to be ready to give you warm and safe welcome once global travel resumes. It is our duty to ensure you have a great time here. We are always #HereForYou


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